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As some of you know, I finished writing my latest WIP, The Crush, on June 24th and am now beginning the process of editing and preparing it for publication. Because I wrote the synopsis a few weeks before finishing the book, I’ve went ahead and created a Goodreads page for The Crush.

The Crush (The Ballad of Emery Brooks, #1)

Never settle for anything less. 

A combination hopeless romantic and old soul trapped in a teenager’s body, closet musician Emery Brooks wonders if she’ll ever find a love as timeless as her grandparents’. Fear of judgment and social alienation due to her older brother’s past mistakes render her incapable of writing a love song. Still, Emery holds fast to the ideals her Grandma Adeline instilled in her from a young age, vowing to allow God to handwrite her love story, to never settle for anything less.

That is, until love cynic Sawyer Alston enters her world. Broken by the wrath of his parents’ failed marriage, Sawyer has been uprooted from everything he’s ever known and now sees love as a void of empty promises. When Emery and Sawyer meet due to their mothers’ rekindled friendship, Emery soon realizes she’s in over her head.

For, despite her resistance, her first crush, her first glimpse at love, involves a boy who doesn’t believe in love at all.

Publication Date: October 2020


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  1. I thought an author book had to be on Amazon Kindle before creating some Goodreads page (since Amazon owns Goodreads…or am I wrong?)…since it is published by Lulu but will be available for sale on Amazon at some point (it is available on Lulu and iBook so far), I will post a Goodreads page for my The Prodigal Band Trilogy (the three-books-in-one redo print and e-book of three books I self-published starting in the late 1990s)….like the Prodigal Son, only the “Prodigal Son” is a rock band that accepts You Know Who as Savior.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Allyson!

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