The Fall’s Cover Reveal

Hey there, Arrowheads!

If you’re wondering why I’m randomly posting on this LOVELY SATURDAY/FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER *squeals, because it’s my favorite month!*, it’s because I have a special surprise for you!

Today is the day I’ve been looking forward to for months! Why, you may ask? Because today, at long last, I’m revealing The Fall‘s cover!

Y’all, whenever The Crush‘s cover was revealed back in 2020, I claimed it was my favorite cover yet… but I don’t know about that anymore. My sister (who is a graphic designer, but only does book covers for me, on the side), did an AMAZING job on capturing the overall tone and feel of The Fall, while staying true to the look and feel of The Crush’s cover, and… Y’ALL. MIGHT. EVEN. CRY.

*Does a little evil author laugh*

Get your tissues ready!

In 5….




1…. *SOBS*

While The Crush took me from 2011 to 2020 to write, publish, and all that, I started writing The Fall in the summer of 2019 and am publishing it a little over three years later, so this has been my fastest fiction release yet (because Writing by Faith beat that by a mile XD )!

If you can’t recall what The Fall is about, check out this little synopsis:

When you’ve lost all you’ve desperately sought to keep, why bother hoping for a second chance?

With her pent up faith in love unraveling, former hopeless romantic Emery Brooks is a shell of the girl who once craved a love story that mirrored her grandparents’ fifty-year marriage. Taking all efforts to guard her heart, she isolates herself from everything she’s ever loved, including her music and faith, now battling the same cynicism she worked so hard to protect Sawyer from.

When Emery is asked to post the video for the song she and Sawyer wrote online, her first instinct is to resist. No one understands their story. No one can relate to what they’ve gone through. Grief should not be publicized.

Resistance proves to be futile, as the video plunges Emery into a world of new possibilities. Will Emery succumb to her stubborn tendencies and avoid all risks, or learn to leap again into the comfort of God’s arms, despite uncertainty?

Nicholas Sparks meets contemporary YA in this tear-jerking continuation of The Ballad of Emery Brooks trilogy. Fans of A Walk to Remember will appreciate this throwback to timeless romance, along with the themes of overcoming hardships and learning the basis of faith.

The Fall is scheduled to be released on November 4, 2022 (Lord willing)

Add The Fall to your To-Read List on Goodreads!

Oh, and if you’re interested, my ARC Team is open for sign-ups for both The Crush AND The Fall! Whether you’ve already read The Crush and want to be an early reviewer for The Fall, or if you’re brand new to my books and want a chance at reviewing both, feel free to fill out the application form below!

ARCs for The Fall should be ready by October 4th, Lord willing, and I’ll be posting another reminder for ARC sign-ups then. If you’ve already signed up, I’ve got you! You don’t have to sign up again. You’ll be among the first to get an ARC link sent to your inbox. 🙂

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

If you’re already part of my Review Team and are helping me celebrate The Fall‘s cover reveal today, I just want to say THANK YOU! Y’all are the best!

What are you most looking forward to reading about in The Fall?

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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