Editorial Services

Are you an indie author looking for affordable proofreading or copy editing services?

While writing has always been a passion of mine, I also love aiding fellow indie authors in making their manuscripts shine. My four years of experience tutoring students in English courses at my local community college helped me realize my love for helping writers improve their craft and produce the best work possible.

As of 2021, I am now booking slots for proofreading or copy editing short stories, novellas, or novel-length projects that fall within the following genre specifications:

  • Clean Young Adult Contemporary (“Clean” clarified as minimal or no expletives and no sexual content other than kissing.)
  • Christian Young Adult Contemporary
  • Clean Middle Grade Contemporary
  • Christian Middle Grade Contemporary


Consists of checking for:

  • Spelling errors or typos
  • Punctuation errors
  • Grammatical errors
  • Consistency (i.e. Whether a character’s eye color or model of car remains the same throughout the story)
  • Suggestions for sentence structure improvement

Developmental Editing

Consists of:

  • Everything within the Proofreading package
  • Feedback on character development
  • Feedback on story progression
  • Feedback on world building

Let’s work together to polish your manuscript for publication! Please fill out the form below to request a quote.