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“My husband laughed at me because everytime I looked up from reading this book I was crying, either from pure happiness or complete anguish. There was hardly an in between.”

rayleigh Setser,

“Kennedy’s YA novel The Crush gives an honest look at what it means to support someone with depression and stay true to God’s plan – and how to make music out of it all. It’s a lesson-packed novel that would be excellent for a book club.”

M. Liz Boyle, Author of the Off the Itinerary series

“This story is everything one would expect from a sweet contemporary coming-of-age tale with a hint of romance. Except that it’s way, way more.”

Jes Drew, Author of Sleep LIke Poison

“Allyson Kennedy wrote a book that made me feel so deeply, something a lot of books can’t always do. Her writing was beautiful. The feeling she puts into her writing is incredible. Not only that. She didn’t shy away from the real facts in life but she also showed the truth and hope we have as Christians even when things seem hopeless.”

Reader Review

“In The Crush, Allyson Kennedy blends the genres of romance and coming-of-age to produce by far her most mature and heartfelt work yet.”

Reader Review

“Looking at the title, you may think that this [The Crush] is a fluffy read, just full of sparkles and glitter. That would be inaccurate. This book was so emotional, thought-provoking, and real.”

Reader Review


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