About Me

Socially Awkward. Believer. Hopeless Dreamer. Book Devourer. Movie Nerd. Coffee and Dr. Pepper Addict. INFJ. Carolina Girl.

That pretty much sums me up, but I have a feeling you’re here for more than that. So *cracks knuckles*, here’s my story.

As far back as I can remember, stories have blossomed from my heart. At seven years old, my Aunt Sherry gave me a Mary Kate & Ashley notebook for Christmas, suggesting I write my stories down. Four notebook full of short stories, over three-hundred song lyrics, two published novels and many more on the way, writing is an addiction I haven’t broke for nineteen years now.

My favorite stories to write are about loners and shy kids, the socially awkward goofballs we all are deep down. My goal as an author is to let these “weird” kids know they’re not as alone as they think, that God is always by their side, and they will find acceptance from the right people. It took me ages to learn that lesson myself.

In school, my “social life” was nonexistent, as I was shy to the point of selective mutism. Unless I felt comfortable around someone, I only responded to classmates and teachers with one-word responses or nods. I would rather write stories than play at recess.

As a result, I was the “weird” kid. The one kids claimed was going to snap and plot revenge against the school. The one labeled “emo” just for sitting by myself. The one they made up sick rumors about because they’d rather judge me by my cover than read the story within me.

I was always the “weird” kid to them, when in reality, I was just shy.

For a while, I believed the mean, hurtful things people said. I developed deep insecurities and anxieties I still deal with in my twenties. But, writing about my experiences through the lens of fictional characters has allowed me to heal and debunk the myths that haunt me.

I pray my books can do the same for you. ❤

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson Kennedy 😀