Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl

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She wrote the poem about her feelings for Brett, but Carter seems to fit the description better.

One poem caused all this? High school freshman Riley Houston soon discovers she should have kept her personal poetry to herself instead of reading it aloud for her English assignment.

Former ugly duckling Riley has had a crush on her neighbor Brett Harvey for as long as she can remember, and he serves as the muse for her poetry. A summer makeover finally lands Riley on Brett’s radar, but her poem draws the attention of her cousin’s best friend, Carter Pickett.

Her plan of developing a method to get Brett to fall for her slips to the wayside while she’s trying to suppress her unintended interest in the adorable yet socially awkward guy in her classes. In a battle of past versus future, Riley is faced with the decision to fight for what she’s always wanted or be vulnerable and let her true self shine through.

Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl is not your average young adult love triangle, mixing humor, Christian values, and a dash of southern charm.