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Link Disclosure

Some posts on Authoring Arrowheads may contain Amazon links to books I recommend or discuss. As of January 2023, I do not earn a commission from any Amazon links I recommend. The only instance in which I make money from an Amazon link is when someone uses an Amazon book link for one of my own works to make a purchase of said work.

One post on Authoring Arrowheads (read here) contains an affiliate link to Heart Breathing’s course, Publish and Thrive. I do earn a commission from that link if one were to purchase one, or both, of her courses from that link. I, however, personally do not collect any data from those who use my link to purchase the course. Records are kept by Teachable, the site where the course is ran.

Visitor and Subscriber Privacy

Information Shared with Authoring Arrowheads

Authoring Arrowheads collects email addresses if and when the email address is provided by a user through the Subscription form. If one is subscribed to Authoring Arrowheads, they will receive an email whenever a new post goes live. No names or other personal information are collected from the Subscription form. Collected email addresses are never shared with third parties from Authoring Arrowheads. No email addresses will be posted for the public’s use through this website.

Google Form Data

When I am forming a book release team or Advanced Reader Copy team, I post blog posts that contain Google Forms where website visitors can fill out the form to apply for a spot on the team. These forms collect email addresses and answers to other team questions (no personal information other than name, email address, and public social media handles) that are logged in a Google Sheet for my eyes only. I only use these email addresses for the purpose of sending out responses and future updates for the team in which the user applied for. If the owner of the email address expresses interest in receiving future team emails without resubmitting information to another Google Form, I keep their email address handy in my contacts list, but do not put the email address in a mailing list nor share the address with third parties.


Comments left on Authoring Arrowheads and the social media pages of Author Allyson Kennedy will not be republished/reused unless prior written permission has been granted from the user who commented.

How can you avoid any data collection on Authoring Arrowheads?

If you do not wish for Authoring Arrowheads to collect your data, you are good to go! Unless you actively submit any data via the Subscription form or a Google Form, Authoring Arrowheads will not gain any access to your data. You are free to browse the site at your leisure without risk of your data being collected. 🙂