Speak Your Mind

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No friends. No confidence. All mind.

My face is like some sort of bashful chameleon, flashing red at any sign of social interaction. Stupid face.

Socially anxious seventh grader Victoria Harding survives middle school from the confines of her mind. After her best friend moved away due to a reason Victoria can’t reveal, she chooses to sit alone at lunch, daydreaming up a perfect fantasy world where she is heard.

In reality, she’s smacked with dodgeballs in gym class, dealing with mean girls who claim she’s going to harm the school, and avoiding a teacher who is out to get her. When Victoria’s mom forces her to show her new neighbor Aiden Andrews around school, he does the one thing few have ever done for her: listen.

Speak Your Mind is a story about shy kids, for shy kids, teaching them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made just the way they are.

Fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Wonder will enjoy the mix of humor, Christian values, and difficult topics handled with grace that Speak Your Mind offers.