What I’ve Learned From Writing Dual POVs for the First Time

On the Flip Side is a contemporary Christian young adult standalone novel that follows the dual POVs of twin sisters, Kennedy and Katie Oliver, as one sister is trapped in a toxic relationship with a narcissist. Since On the Flip Side is the first novel I’ve written from a dual POV, writing this book has been both a fun and difficult learning experience. If you’re new to writing dual POVs, I pray these lessons I’ve learned can help you better narrate your own WIP from two or more perspectives

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Why I Prefer Romcom Movies Over Romcom Books

Okay, so I know it’s considered a sin in the book community to prefer movie adaptations of books over the books themselves… but is it still true when you’re considering an entire genre?

If so, I’m guilty of it when it comes to the Romcom genre, and today, I’m admitting why I prefer Romcom movies over Romcom books.

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My Sixth Year as a Published Author + Anniversary Ebook Sale!

Today, ladies and gentlemen, marks my 6th anniversary as a published indie author. Now, I’ve officially been an author for the better half of a decade.

Like each year before, however, I’ve learned a lot of lessons within my sixth full year of being an indie author, which I’ll be happily sharing with y’all today. 🙂

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Surprise eBook Sale! (February 19th – 25th)

What’s up, Arrowheads! I’ve got a big surprise for y’all. 😀 In celebration of my 6th publishing anniversary, all of my fiction eBooks are currently on sale from today, February 19th, until Saturday, February 25th. Even my most recent release, The Fall (The Ballad of Emery Brooks, #2) is discounted, so if you haven’t yet […]

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Future Genres I’ve Considered Writing

With three published books, and two on the way, that will stay within the contemporary Christian YA genre, I’ve pretty much stayed true to the genre as an author. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve not considered branching out.

Today, I’m spilling the tea on some genres and age brackets I’ve considered writing for in the future.

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Steps for Combating Comparisonitis

Comparing myself to other creatives thrust me into a rabbit hole of discontentment for a couple years, and I’m just now, with God’s help, finally stepping back onto a steady foothold and escaping that trench.

How did God help me overcome the worst of Comparisonitis? Let’s go back and trace those steps.

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WIP Update: On the Flip Side (Update #4)

*Heavy sigh* Well, here we are again, my friends. Another “update” for my current WIP, On the Flip Side where I attempt a reasonable explanation as to why I haven’t finished writing it yet.

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