Arrowheads: Who is Riley Houston?

Welcome back, Arrowheads! Today I’d like to introduce you to the main protagonist from my debut novel, Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl, that will soon be available on Amazon!


Riley Addison Houston

First things first, I feel the need to specify that Riley’s last name-Houston-isn’t pronounced like Houston, Texas or Whitney Houston. Riley is from eastern North Carolina, where Houston is often pronounced as “House-ton”. Yeah, we’re weird. I know. XD

Though Riley is a friend to everyone she meets, when we first meet her in Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl, she’s had a hard time making friends at Grahamwood Junior High. Her best friend moved away during elementary school, leaving her to be the victim of clique rejection under the influence of Hailey Carson. To make matters worse, she was the “ugly duckling” of her junior high school, with braces and a haircut straight from the heads of Dylan and Cole Sprouse in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.  The summer before her freshman year, she makes a vow to make new friends and be respected at Linwood Whaley High, despite the numerous obstacles that ensue.

Riley enjoys writing poetry. She picked up the hobby in junior high, using it as a way to fill the void her lack of a social life left. Her poems are often centered around her crush on her next-door neighbor, Brett Harvey. However, because she feels that liking poetry makes her a social pariah, Riley is hesitant about letting others read her work.

Despite being “friendless”, Riley is close with her cousin, Trent. The two become classmates once their freshman year begins, as they attended separate junior high schools. Trent is fond of pushing her buttons and daring her to break out of her comfort zone, sometimes to Riley’s dismay. Yet, Trent’s persistent nature also opens new doors for her as well.

To learn more about Riley, check out Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl! Also, please check out my profile on Goodreads as well!

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