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Today, I’d like to share a book review I originally published on Goodreads for Me & My Invisible Guy by Sarah Jeffrey. This novel was published by Amazon’s Skyscape in 2013, and falls into the Young Adult, Christian, and Contemporary categories. I read this book two years ago, but I’ve been itching to read it again soon!

Mand My Invisible Guy


In all honesty, I chose to read Me & My Invisible Guy based on the negative reviews that I read concerning the novel on Goodreads. And, I absolutely loved it. People aren’t judging this novel based on the quality of Sarah Jeffrey‘s writing; they’re responding negatively to the message she’s delivering to her audience. That being said, I’m an advocate for the message the author delivers, and I have been for a very long time.

Though Goodreads doesn’t identify this novel as being in the Christian Fiction genre (well, it didn’t back in 2015), I believe that it loosely fits that category. As I recall, I read a few reviews for this book that said Jeffrey “shoved religion down readers throats, and got too preachy about abstinence”. That is a false accusation. Yes, God is mentioned in the novel. Many of the characters are indeed Christians. However, the main character, though she is considering turning her life over to God bit by bit, never fully makes the decision to give her life to God by the end of the novel. I am a Christian; I know what overly-preachy is like, and I’m aware that some people go too far as to “shoving Christianity down others throats”. I want others to seek God’s love in their lives too, but I won’t force that decision upon anyone. Sarah Jeffrey puts the idea of God on the table throughout the novel, but she doesn’t badmouth non-Christians. Overall, the Christian faith plays a role in this novel because of the issue of abstinence.

Abstinence is the main issue that is discussed within this adorable little novel. The main character, Mallory, has decided to stay pure in her relationships. I wish I had come across Me & My Invisible Guy a few years ago, because I made the same type of decision after visiting a youth event with a church. To learn more about purity, you can check out The Silver Ring Thing if you want. The author introduces the topic in a way that’s easy to relate to, offers opposing viewpoints, and includes reasons why abstinence is a good idea. Other issues that come into play in this novel include domestic violence, lying, bullying and suicidal behavior. The author tied all of these issues into the novel with an amazing result, and it really made me think about things in my own life.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It was cute, a bit romantic, and including important topics that I think all young adult readers can relate to. The language is clean, except for a few minor words. I recommend it to teens 13+, because the topics may be a little difficult to grasp for younger kids. I gave this novel 4 out of 5 stars. The author also mentioned on her Amazon Author profile that she’s written a screenplay for this novel. I’d love to see that in action! 😀


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