Arrowheads: Who is Brett Harvey?

So far, I’ve introduced you to Riley and Carter. This afternoon, get ready to meet our Arrowhead from the junior class at Linwood Whaley High:  Brett Harvey!


Brett Harvey is your classic southern boy: full of charm and athletic ability. He is the quarterback on the Linwood Whaley High football team, and has led his team to victory on many occasions. His best friends are Sawyer Alston and Will Shepard, who are featured more prominently in one of my current Works In Progress (WIPs), The Crush.

Brett lives next door to Riley, but never talked to her until the first day of her freshman year at Linwood Whaley High. Being somewhat vain, he opted to keep his acquaintance with Riley unknown to others, until he discovered that her appearance changed for the better over summer vacation.

Besides football, Brett enjoys Brady Dunham movies (fictional actor; similar in nature to Will Ferrell style comedy), and hanging out and doing stupid things with his friends. Overall, I believe he experiences the most development among all of the characters in Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl. 


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back on Friday for another Flash Fiction piece!


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-Allyson 🙂

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