10 Writing Prompts for the Struggling Author

As a Pinterest addict, I often scour the website in search of writing prompts for my Flash Fiction Friday posts. Over the past few weeks, I have struggled with finding prompts that inspire me, so I’ve decided to come up with my own!

10 Writing Prompts for the Struggling Author


  1. Rewrite Rugrats: Rugrats was my absolute favorite cartoon growing up. Let’s write a story from a baby’s point-of-view.
  2. Mix Up a Childhood MemoryI love reminiscing my childhood, but it’s even more fun to incorporate my characters into the story and add creative details! In fact, this prompt is what inspired my last Flash Fiction post, “Scary Stories“!
  3. Stuffed Animal Stories: My writing career took off at age seven when I wrote short stories about my teddy bear, Beary, and his adventures with my other stuffed animals. If you’re interested in writing a children’s book, this could be a great start!
  4. What-If Scenarios: Are you weighing the idea of certain plot twists in your WIP? If so, write a short scene in 500-1,000 words to test the waters. If you like it, include it. If not, well at least practice makes perfect!
  5. Sweet Dreams: I’m known to have rather off-the-wall dreams at night. About ten years ago, I started writing down some of the more outrageous dreams in a dream journal. I encourage all writers to do this, as it can provide creative material for future use!
  6. Office Meeting: Begin a scene with a character turning in their office chair to face your main character while saying, “I’ve been expecting you”. This could go numerous different routes, and I’ve always found the saying funny for some reason.
  7. Imaginary Friend: Write a story about how an imaginary friend coped when its creator abandoned it. Include the backstory of how their friendship dissolved over time.
  8. Opposite Day: Create a character who is the complete opposite of you in all aspects, and have them go on an adventure you’d be afraid to take.
  9. Social Media Stories: Write a story using the last Facebook or Twitter post you saw as inspiration. This could be interesting or disturbing. XD
  10. Lost Letter: A love letter your character wrote for their significant other somehow ends up in the hands of your character’s worst enemy! Do they fall in love, or will this add fuel to the fire?


Thanks for visiting today, Arrowheads! Feel free to try out these prompts for yourself, and let me know what happens! If you have any ideas for writing prompts, let me know in the comments!


-Allyson 😀

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