A Message to My Readers

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting my regularly scheduled posts on Wednesdays and Fridays. This comes as a result of two reasons: my boyfriend *finally* switching from second to third shift, and me feeling burnt out on flash fiction ideas.

My boyfriend and I have been dating since April 2016, but we haven’t been able to spend much time together since he got a second shift job back in August. Before I graduated college, we were able to hang out around lunch after my classes, but when I started my job in April, out time together diminished again. Now that he’s on third shift, we have plenty of time to hang out after I get off work, and before he has to go to work. So right now, I’m cherishing this time I get to spend with him (we don’t live together), and so I’d like to hold off on posting for a while to avoid the planning/stress that come with it, and to enjoy life a little more.

That being said, though my flash fiction stories have served as my most popular posts since I started Authoring Arrowheads in February, I’ve been struggling with coming up with new ideas each week. When I was younger, I absolutely loved writing short stories because I was full of ideas for those one-pagers; but now, I’m more interested in finishing and self-publishing the four other novels I’ve been working on/brainstorming since I finished writing Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl. Instead of allocating my time to half-heartedly write flash fiction, I’ve been working on my novels in my spare time the past couple weeks, and I’ve had much more fun writing. And, my goal has always been to write for fun, not by force.

So, am I giving up on Authoring Arrowheads completely? No, that’s not my intention. I plan to keep in touch when I can, only when I have something on my heart to post. I feel that if I would’ve started this blog in high school, I could’ve kept at it, but once you graduate, real life happens and other things come up. So, I bid you adieu for now, Arrowheads.

Until we meet again,

Allyson 😀

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As an author and blogger, my goal is to teach writers that there is a way to write realistic, thought-provoking, redemptive Christian fiction that honors God while not sugarcoating the realities of the world.