Poem: Sweet Nothings

Would you rather be with someone who showers you with compliments and sweet sayings, or someone who shows you how much they love you through their everyday actions? Sometimes those sweet sayings turn out to be sweet nothings in the end. Check out a poem I wrote in 2016 inspired by the concept of sweet nothings!

Sweet Nothings


For two years I was showered with sweet nothings,

Pre-orchestrated lines meant to

Charm the depths of my soul.

I dwelled among the shallow ends

Long enough to prove

A deceived smile will always be cold.

I spent years recovering,

Scrapping a heart back together

While wrangling bits and pieces

From nomads who were willing to kill

For the sake of a good time.

Sweet nothing lines abound

In the undertones of a small town.

I silently waited on my own

After I grew weary of being hunted down,

Secretly hoping to never be found again.

Then I heard the voice of a man of little words,

Enormous heart, truly beating.

For the first time in my life

The sweet nothings of yesteryear began fleeting.

No longer am I haunted by past regrets and destruction.

For the first time I am admired

Without the lies of sweet nothings.

© Copyright 2018, Allyson Kennedy. All rights reserved.


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-Allyson 😀

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