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Good afternoon, Arrowheads! A couple weeks ago, I started reading the first installment of Sarah Addison-Fox’s Allegiance series, Disowned. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and downloaded the sequel to my Kindle before finishing the first one! Sarah has become an author friend of mine through Twitter and Goodreads, and was the first person to offer to write a review for my debut novel on Goodreads.

Sarah’s kindness and mentoring tips have inspired me to want to help and promote fellow self-published Christian authors as well. On March 1st, I announced on Goodreads that I’m open to reading Kindle copies of books by Christian authors, and received a huge response! Today, I’d like to share with you the authors I was recommended to read, as well as their titles and genres!


**Note: I was told these authors were Christian. If they are not, I apologize!
Also, to the authors: if you are listed in the wrong category below, please let me know and I will place you in the correct genre!***


From what I can tell, these authors have written works that fit into several different genres.

  • E.B. Dawson, author of The Traveler and other novels. (Genre Span: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Nonfiction)
  • Kate Willis, author of The Twin ArrowsEnjoy the Poodle Skirt, and more. (Genre Span: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Contemporary)
  • Perry Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, author of numerous books, including The Kitten Files series. (Genre Span: Children, Historical fiction, Contemporary)
  • Jes Drew, author of Castaways and other novels. (Genre Span: Suspense, Super Heros, Survival/Adventure)
  • J. Grace Pennington, author of October and other novels. (Genre Span: Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy)


  • Angie Thompson, author of Bridgers: A Parable.
  • Faith Potts, author of Dandelion Dust and a soon-to-be released second novel, Love Needs No Words.
  • Ashley Elliott, author of Becoming Nikki.
  • Vickie Valladares, author of Love, Life, & Fairytale.
  • R.A. Rooney, author of Miss Novelist and other books.
  • Olivia Jarmusch, author of the Tales of Tarsurella series and other books.


  • Katelyn Buxton, author of the Warriors of Aralan series.
  • Nate Philbrick, author of Where the Woods Grow Wild, Little One, and Judgment Wheel.
  • Kyle Shultz, author of The Beaumont and Beasley series.
  • Kendra Ardnek, author of numerous books, including The Rizkaland Legends series.
  • Erika Matthews, author of Promise’s Prayer.
  • Allison Tebo, author of numerous books, including The Tales of Ambia series.
  • Nicki Chapelway, author of A Week of Werewolves, Faeries, and Fancy Dresses.
  • AJ Sky, author of the Firestorm series.
  • Jenelle Leanne Schmidt, author of the Minstrel’s Song series.
  • Tricia Mingerink, author of Dagger’s Sleep and The Blades of Acktar series.


  • K.L. + Pierce, authors of Two Lives, Three Choices.
  • Sarah Addison-Fox, author of the Allegiance series (Dissemble, Disowned).
  • Leah Good, author of Counted Worthy and Stories for God’s Glory.


  • Victoria Lynn, author of the Light of London series.
  • Lydia Dyslin, author of The Mystery of the Train.

Historical Fiction

  • Sydney Betts, author of A River Too Deep.
  • Rebekah Morris, author of the Triple Creek Ranch series.
  • Sarah Brazytis, author of Lighten Our Darkness and other books.
  • Elizabeth Grace Foley, author of numerous books, including the Historical Fairytales series.
  • Kellyn Roth, author of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy series, and other books.
  • Jesseca Wheaton, author of numerous books, including the Questions of War series.
  • Faith Blum, author of numerous books, including the Hymns of the West series.
  • Alicia Willis, author of numerous books, including Shadow of His Wings.
  • Grace Matlyn Buckner, author of Letters from Home: A Civil War Story and other books.

Also, be sure to check out books by Ivie Brooks and Libby May, coming soon!

Thanks for checking in and be sure to show these amazing Christian authors some support!

-Allyson 😀

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