2nd Quarter Review of 2018

Happy Independence Day everyone! 🇺🇸 Another quarter of 2018 has already flown by, so today I’m rounding up all the cool happenings I’ve experienced since the first quarter review was published in April! So sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn (or chocolate, or Doritos… I won’t judge 😉 ) and take this flashback journey with me of April, May, and June 2018! 😀



  • April 1: Went to church and celebrated Easter with momma’s side of the family at my aunt’s house. My sister and I hid Easter eggs for my two adorable little cousins! ❤
  • April 4: Received my first freebie paperback review copy: The Coronation by Olivia Jarmusch!
  • April 7: Surpassed 100 likes on my author Facebook page! 🙂
  • April 8: Reorganized my closet for spring! This means sorting every garment type by color, and then putting the spring/summer clothes in the front, and the fall/winter clothes in the back. I’m a weirdo who enjoys doing this twice a year! 😛
  • April 13:  Went through very rough feelings as a writer, but received tons of sweet feedback from family and friends.
  • April 15: Found seven beta readers for Speak Your Mind through family and friends.
  • April 19: The most epic night of bowling I’ve ever witnessed by Josh’s league team!🎳
  • April 21: Went on a date with Josh for an early anniversary date to celebrate our 2 years of dating! ❤ (He had to go in to work early on our actual anniversary).
  • April 24: Our actual dating anniversary! ❤
  • April 25: Published Authoring Arrowheads’s most viewed/most controversial post to date: Bad Language Used in Christian Fiction.
  • April 26: Went to my sister’s art show for graphic design at our local community college. Josh’s team also won 2nd place on the bowling league!
  • April 27: Went to the movies with Josh and his best friend to watch Infinity War.
  • April 28-30: Went to Concord to watch the drag races at zMax Dragway. Erica Enders–the girl the DCOM movie Right on Track was based on–won! 🏎


  • May 2: Watched Right on Track because I had never seen it before! I somehow missed that one growing up.
  • May 3 Went to the awards banquet for Josh’s bowling league.
  • May 4: Made a night of watching funny home videos of my sister and myself with Josh.
  • May 10: Attended my sister’s graduation for her associate degree in graphic design! #MyNewPersonalCoverMaker
  • May 11: Authoring Arrowheads hosted its first ever blog tour stop for Livy Jarmusch’s The Rebellion Blog Tour!
  • May 13: Celebrated Mother’s Day with my Momma!
  • May 14: Made some site updates on Authoring Arrowheads.
  • May 17: Wrote two new Flash Fiction stories! 📝
  • May 18: Found a possible editor for Speak Your Mind, who is someone local who I look up to! We also had a bowling night with Josh’s family.
  • May 19: Finally got to see my long-lost-favorite-cousin again!!! (he works out of state now). Family get-together at Josh’s uncle’s house.
  • May 20: Went to a local PBA (Professional Bowling) tournament, and saw Walter Ray Williams Jr. (aka the Greatest of All Time), Bill O’Neill, Tommy Jones, Marshall Kent, and more! Cristian Azcona won, making him the first PBA member from Puerto Rico to win a national title! 🎳
  • May 23: Found out a second movie review I’ve written made IMDB! 🎬 | Hosted a blog tour stop for the Daggers Sleep and Dissociate blog tour!
  • May 25: Went to Sonic for the first time and loved it! (Random, I know, but I had always wanted to go 😛 )


  • June 2: Went to a local NTPA tractor pull with Josh. We got rained on five minutes after the first tractor pulled, but we still had a lot of fun!
  • June 4: My cousin contacted me about the possibility of doing a book signing at a local regional library. I’ve signed up, and am making preparations. Hopefully everything will go well! 🙂
  • June 7: Came up with an idea for a CBTHOACG prequel short story that I’m thinking about publishing when I finish it! 🙂 (For a preview of chapter one, click the title’s link.)
  • June 8: Hosted a blog tour stop for the Quest for Leviathan blog tour!
  • June 10: Started on another endeavor for CBTHOACG and reached 100 total followers (email followers included) on this blog! 😀 Thanks, you sweet people!
  • June 15: Josh ordered a 3D printer from Amazon so he had it make its first print–a butterfly–which he gave to me haha! ❤️ It took 2 hours to make!
  • June 16: Went to Shake & Shake and saw The Incredibles 2 with Josh… and it was well worth the 14 year wait! 🎬
  • June 17: Celebrated Father’s Day with my daddy.
  • June 20: Hosted a tour stop as apart of Jesseca Wheaton’s I Don’t Dance blog tour!
  • June 22: Collaborated with my sister on a cover idea!
  • June 23: Attended Josh’s adorable niece’s 2nd birthday party! 🎈
  • June 24: Completed the 3rd read-through edits for Speak Your Mind.
  • June 25: Reworked aforementioned cover idea with my sister. 😋
  • June 26: Got really worked up about issues with farming going on in my state. 🐷
  • June 29: An all-around very horrible day besides reaching 500 likes on Authoring Arrowheads and 500+ views in one month for the first time!
  • June 30: Went on a date with Josh to eat at Cheddar’s and watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Helped promote a Cover Reveal for Sarah Addison-Fox’s next release, Discerned!

What I’ve Read in the 2nd Quarter:

  • In Between (Katie Parker Productions, #1) by Jenny B. Jones
  • The Coronation (Tales of Tarsurella #1)  by Olivia Lynn Jarmusch
  •  How I Had Fun Writing 10 Novels in 13 Months by Sarah Addison-Fox
  • London in the Dark (Light of London #1) by Victoria Lynn
  • Quest for Leviathan (short story) by Amanda Tero
  • On the Loose (Katie Parker Productions, #2) by Jenny B. Jones
  • Dissociate (Allegiance #3) by Sarah Addison-Fox
  • Dagger’s Sleep (Beyond the Tales, #1) by Tricia Mingerink
  • Find Readers and Sell Books on a Shoestring Budget by Rob Eagar
  • A Week of Werewolves, Faeries, and Fancy Dresses (My Time in Amar #1) by Nicki Chapelway
  • I Don’t Dance by Jesseca Wheaton
  • The Blood Race by K.A. Emmons
  • The Twin Arrows (The Twin Arrows #1) by Kate Willis
  • Create (Short Story) by Perry Elisabeth Kirkpatrick
  • Editing Tips for Writers: An Editing Guide for Writers to Get Better at Editing by Tyler Wagner
  • Winter Cursed by Nicki Chapelway

Progress so far on Goodreads Reading Challenge: 32 Books Completed, and 8 books ahead of schedule! Current Goal: 50. 😀

How has your summer been so far? I’m looking forward to seeing what the next quarter holds! ❤

-Allyson 😀

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  1. You are going to knock that goal out of the park!!!

    I LOVE CHEDDARS! I went to one when I lived in Little Rock, and I love that place! ❤ miss it dearly!

    Congrats on 100 followers for both your FB and this! That's so awesome and exciting! Seven test readers is awesome!!! 🙂

    I really enjoyed it, and it's crazy to think about April right now in my brain haha. I look forward to hearing how the rest of your summer goes!!

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