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What’s up, Arrowheads! Anna from A Storynerd’s Life tagged me for The Liebster Award, so let’s get started! 😀


Tag Rules:

Thank the blog that nominated you for the award.
Answer the questions they gave you.
Give 11 fun facts about yourself.
Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award, and give them 11 questions to answer.

Question Time!

Q1. Do you write for fun (stories, letters, blog posts, etc.) or just when absolutely necessary to write (school, notes, etc.)?

I definitely write for fun more often than I write for necessity anymore since I graduated from college last year. Sometimes writing for my blog can feel like work, but for the most part it’s a lot of fun! 🙂

Q2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is the creative freedom it allows. In school, I never liked being forced to stick to a strict writing prompt when being tested. We had to follow certain guidelines for the characters or themes, and I always felt my writing was inhibited by it. When blogging, the only limits you have are the ones you personally set. You also get to interact with other bloggers, which has been a major blessing! 🙂

Q3. What genre of book do you hope to be famous for someday?

I’m not sure if my dream for having a bestseller is genre specific. I hope to be able to write and test out many different genres in my author career. If I had to pick from my completed works though, I’d have to say Middle Grade fiction for the sake of Speak Your MindSpeak Your Mind is my heart and soul on paper, and it would be amazing if it became a bestseller one day. ❤

Q4. What flavor of ice cream is tops over all?

Ugh, this is a tough question! It’s really a three-way tie between brownie batter, Coldstone’s Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, and cookies and creme! 🙂

Q5. What would be your reaction if someone gave you a kitten?

I’d love them forever! XD Kittens are adorable! ❤

Q6. Inside or outside?

Inside for sure! I liked to go outside some when I was younger, but now that I’m older I’d rather be inside writing, watching movies, or reading.

Q7. Who designed your blog?

Authoring Arrowheads is a result of customizing the free Dara theme from WordPress. I did the customization myself through the built-in tools WordPress offers. 🙂

Q8. During a rainstorm are you more likely to curl up and read, or go out to enjoy the rain?

Reading will always be the winner in this scenario! I’m not a big fan of rain. 🙂

Q9: Tell a random story about yourself.

Okay, so the flash fiction story I posted a couple months back, The Carolina Golden Neuse, was loosely based on a true story. The real story involved my momma, sister, and me. Momma was either in the yard or looking out the window a few years back and saw this golden thing in the field beside our house. She got my sister to go with her to look at it. They stood at the edge of the field and watched it, and said it kept leaning down and looked like it was pecking the dirt, so they assumed it was a weird bird. I went outside, and it had me convinced. They told me to go inside and look up what it was. I had recently watched a documentary on weird creatures that are said to be legends in different parts of the world, so I was a tad freaked out. Momma called her aunt to tell her about it, and our aunt said we should call the news (thank God we didn’t!). We even took pictures, because we thought we had found a rare species. XD


Eventually, the “bird” made its way to the treeline. My sister tried to throw things at it, but it didn’t move. When Daddy got home from wherever he was at that day, he went out there to investigate. He came back in the house laughing, and said he tied the “bird” to the pool ladder. In the end, it was A WINNIE THE POOH BALLOON. The weird thing was, Pooh didn’t have his red shirt on… so yeah. It was quite an embarrassing situation. 😛

Q10: What was the last person you met that you stole their name for a story character?

I didn’t actually meet this person pers se, but I was watching a snippet from Little Big Shots on Facebook one afternoon and saw the clip where a little girl named Hadley was featured. She was hilarious and I thought the name was adorable. I recently used it in another flash fiction story, 300.

Q11: Pens or pencils?

When I was really into writing song lyrics a couple years ago, I always used a blue pen. Now that I’ve migrated to writing flash fiction, blog posts, and working WIPs in notebooks, I’m back to using pencils. If I had to choose a preference, I’d say pens, because they write a lot smoother than pencils.

The Facts:

  1. I’ve seen the following in concert: Diamond Rio, The Jonas Brothers, Jason Aldean, Scotty McCreery (1 song at a basketball game), WinterJam 2011 (Newsboys, Francesca Battistelli, and more. I don’t remember much about it because I wasn’t really into CCM at the time and just went with the youth group), and Daughtry.
  2. I struggle with social anxiety, which was the basis for writing Speak Your Mind.
  3. I taught myself how to play the guitar (though I’m still not very good) back in 2013/2014, and the background music in CBTHOACG‘s book trailer is a recording of me playing.
  4. I accepted salvation through Jesus Christ when I was 8 during VBS.
  5. I love beagles!
  6. I’m a Dr. Pepper-aholic.
  7. I’ve written over 300 song lyrics that no one has ever read but me. I’ve only written music to go with two of them, though like I said above, my guitar skills aren’t the best. XD
  8. My favorite video games are The Sims 2 and Animal Crossing: Wild World.
  9. I have one sister who is four years younger than me.
  10. Fall is my favorite season.
  11. Rugrats was my favorite cartoon growing up, and still is today.

That’s it for today, Arrowheads! Since I recently tagged bloggers for the Get to Know Me Writer’s Tag the other day, I won’t be tagging anyone for this. Instead, the tag is open to anyone who would like to participate! Your questions are below! 🙂

Questions for Y’all (I May Steal some of Anna’s):

  1. How long have you been blogging?
  2. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
  3. What’s your favorite animal?
  4. What’s your favorite Saturday pastime?
  5. What was your favorite cartoon growing up?
  6. Physical books or ebooks?
  7. What’s your favorite season?
  8. Coffee or tea?
  9. Tell a random story about yourself.
  10. What was your favorite subject/is your favorite subject in school?
  11. What’s your favorite Bible verse?


-Allyson 😀




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