You’re Not Selfish for Wanting a Profitable Author Career | Part 4: Final Words

Good afternoon, Arrowheads! Welcome to Part 4 of Authoring Arrowheads’s September series: You’re Not Selfish for Wanting a Profitable Author Career: Final Words.


Final Words

An author career is no different than that of any other career in terms of wanting the career to thrive. Ask anyone with a typical eight hour job if they’d like a pay raise, and I’d estimate upwards of 95% would raise their hands. Just because authors have fun (well, most of the time), writing their books, it doesn’t mean that they should do so for free, or be deemed “selfish” by society. We live in a society where one can see their dreams become realities and hobbies they love become paychecks. Authors, to the naked eye, may not appear like we work hard for our royalties, but we do. We pour our souls out on paper, put out hearts and sanity on the line to entertain the masses. We put hours upon hours of time into making the book the best it can be, and price it at $0.99 in digital format because we fear a higher price may scare off potential readers.

Money isn’t something you’re entitled to in life, and I’m by no means saying authors inherently deserve to make millions, or even hundreds of thousands in royalties. The overall point of this series is that society needs to stop deeming authors selfish for hoping for the possibility of making a livable income solely from writing.

Don’t be dream squashers, people. Just don’t.

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