Movie Review: Modern Day Miracles

Good afternoon, Arrowheads! I was recently given the opportunity to review a Christian documentary about CURE International, entitled Modern Day Miracles. The film follows three children with correctable disabilities as they find healing in CURE hospitals throughout the world.

As described by a member of the film crew, “CURE International treats kids with correctable disabilities, and then tells them and their families about Jesus. Many common conditions that are treated are clubfoot, cleft lip, bowed legs and burn contractures. CURE opened its first hospital in 1998 in Kenya, and now has a worldwide network of hospitals and programs. The Tebow CURE Hospital is CURE’s newest hospital, constructed with a generous donation from the Tim Tebow Foundation. More info about CURE International can be found at” (Luke Broersma, 2018).

To say I’m honored to be a reviewer for this inspiring documentary is an understatement! Without further delay, let’s get to the review!


Modern Day Miracles is broken up into four segments: An Introduction to the three kids the documentary focuses on (from the Dominican Republic, Niger, and the Philippines), the Arrival of the kids to their respective hospitals, the Surgery, and the Healing process. Each one of these sections were used to their full potential, showcasing the three children and making the audience empathize with their stories. The documentary also informs viewers on how the disabilities come to be, often as a result of lack of medical care in the child’s homeland. It was mentioned that children with these special disabilities are often treated as pariahs in their home towns or villages. Some are not even allowed to drink from the same cups as their family members because they are seen as impure. This made their journeys more meaningful, as CURE is helping the kids to be able to feel accepted in society back home.

During the introductory segment, CCM artist Chris Tomlin and professional athlete Tim Tebow make appearances to talk about the benefits of CURE International’s hospitals. The doctors and staff also discuss how they feel called to help as many patients in need as they can to do the work of the Lord.

The surgery segment shows the doctors and staff explain how they plan to correct the disabilities. The results left me awestruck, as in most cases remnants of the disabilities were no longer noticeable, and the children had full accessibility of the limbs that were formerly disabled.

While the children are in surgery, the staff take time to share he news of Jesus with the patients’ families and hold worship services. CURE International proves to be both an inspiring medical and spiritual ministry.

The healing process shows viewers how CURE International handles follow-up appointments and continues to provide for its patients. One little girl from the Philippines who had an arm disability had always wanted to ride a bike, and once her surgery was complete and she gained full mobility back, CURE brought her her very own bike.

I think my boyfriend’s thoughts can summarize this review better than I can: “Why don’t they show more of the good causes celebrities do on TV? Why does it take an indie film to do what the mainstream media should be doing. We need more good in the world.”

We both agree that Modern Day Miracles is an exceptional documentary with quality picture, sound, and purpose. It provides a global perspective of its ministry and reveals why it’s important that we as Christians reach out of our comfort zones and minister to others around us.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you to a representative of CURE International for providing me with a screening link for review purposes.

Help a Child Through CURE International!

If this cause inspires you to want to help children be able to receive the surgeries they need to combat or cure their disabilities, consider donating to CURE International. Click here to view their Donation page.

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