Last Character Interview and Speak Your Mind Release Roundup

Good afternoon, Arrowheads! Today I’ll be hosting the last character interview for Speak Your Mind‘s release month. It’s been an absolute pleasure introducing the novel’s characters to you each Monday. If you’ve missed interviews with Victoria, Aiden, and Zeeb, I’ll link to those at the bottom of this post. Now I’d like to introduce to you Mr. Brandon Andrews, older brother of Aiden Andrews and the main character of my WIP, Tales of an Awkward Turtle!



Me: Welcome to Authoring Arrowheads, Brandon! It’s awesome to have you on today!

Brandon: *Pulls at his shirt collar* Thanks, ma’am! It’s nice to be here.

Me: Thanks, Brandon! Oh, and you don’t have to call me “ma’am”. I’m not much older than you! *Smiles*

Brandon: *Blushes* Oh gosh, sorry ma’am! *Slaps forehead* Ugh, dang it!

Me: It’s no problem at all! You seem a little nervous, Brandon. Remember, you can be yourself here with no judgment. Okay, so our first question is, how would you describe yourself?

Brandon: *Deer-in-headlights look* Um… I never know what to say to answer this question. Well, I love music. I can play the guitar and harmonica. I’m really into history and trains. And, according to my little brother, Aiden, I’m an awkward turtle.

Me: I’m right there with you on that! I’m not too good at introductions myself. You did a great job, though! Those are interesting hobbies. And don’t listen to Aiden, you’re not that bad. So, do you have any nicknames?

Brandon: Oh yeah. Besides Awkward Turtle, Aiden’s started calling me Bran Muffin, supposedly because my life is as boring as bran. *Rolls eyes* I’m trying to get back at him by giving him a stupid nickname,  but I can’t think of one that’s good enough.

Me: *Holds back a laugh* Well, you’ll get there eventually. And trust me, you’re life isn’t as boring as bran. *Whispers* And it certainly won’t be in Tales of an Awkward Turtle!

Brandon: Huh?

Me: Huh?

Brandon: *Shifts his eyes and scratches the back of his neck nervously*

Me: Alright, so now tell me… if you were stranded on an uninhabited island, what one item–besides food, shelter, and a boat–would you like to have with you?

Brandon: Hmm… I’d probably have to say my guitar. That way I can hang out and pretend to be Kenny Chesney singing beach tunes. Maybe my crush will actually notice me then.

Me: Um, but if you’re on an uninhabited island, she won’t be able to see you…

Brandon: *Sighs* Just like every other day.

Me: *Feels horrible about my previous comment* Next question: Out of all the influences in your life, who do you look up to the most?

Brandon: Hands down, my mom is my biggest role model. She used to struggle with social awkwardness like I do, and she’s been able to overcome her shyness and take over my grandparents’ old cafe in Grahamwood. Someday I hope I can follow in her footsteps and chase my dreams like she has without my awkwardness holding me back.

Me: Aw, that’s a sweet answer, Brandon. Mrs. Leah sure has done a great job raising you and your brother. So, in Grahamwood there’s a bakery called Good Eats that serves the best doughnuts in all of Linwood County. What’s your favorite flavor of doughnut?

Brandon: *Grins* Chocolate frosted. They’re simple and often overlooked, but they don’t need fancy sprinkles or bigger flavors to bring me back every time. 

Me: Yes! Chocolate frosted are my favorite, too! And yes, they’re completely underrated. Alright, the last question I have for today is where do you see yourself in ten years?

Brandon: To be honest, I hope I can make my hobbies in music or history become a career. I’d really like to be a musician or a history teacher, but I’m way too awkward to do either. I’d also like to marry my crush, but that would require me talking to her without walking into a wall, so I don’t know how an eventual proposal will come out of that if I can’t ask her on a date. Maybe Aiden’s right… maybe I’ll just stay an awkward turtle for life.

Me: Come on now, Brandon. You can do anything you set your mind to. And remember, God loves us and has plans for us, awkwardness and all. You’ll see those dreams come true, I promise you. Well, that’s all the questions I have for today. Thanks again for stopping by, Brandon!

Brandon: Thanks for that, Allyson. I’ll try to keep that in mind. Thanks for having me on! *Stands up to walk off stage, tripping on the chair he was just sitting in* 

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