Movie Review: Aquaman (2018)

By special request from my writing buddy, Penny Wood, today I’ve got a movie review for the newest DC Comics film, Aquaman. I recently went to the movies to see this with a group of friends, and though I am not an avid DC or Marvel superhero buff, I thoroughly enjoyed the film.



Arthur’s Parents’ Love Story

Being a hopeless romantic, my favorite aspect of the film by far was Arthur’s parents unique version of a Romeo and Juliet-esque romance. Arthur’s mom, Atlanna, is from Atlantis, and has managed to escape an arranged marriage by retreating to land. Arthur’s father, Thomas, is a lighthouse keeper. When Thomas stumbles across Atlanna on the beach, he provides refuge for her at his house. They eventually marry and give birth to Arthur, our Aquaman. What makes their love so palpable to viewers is that both in the couple is willing to sacrifice anything for the good or safety  for the other. It was heartbreaking at times, but also had me gushing. ❤

The Plot Twists

As to not spoil the movie, I won’t relay specific plot details; however, the film contains well-placed and effective plot twists that will keep viewers invested throughout. Even from the eyes of someone who’s not a die-hard fan of superhero movies, the storytelling and story developing skills of the film’s writers is fantastic and shined through in Aquaman.

The Action

For those of you who crave the action-packed crime fighting element of superhero movies, Aquaman will not disappoint! The land versus water element was interesting to watch as Aquaman and his allies combated the corrupt Atlanteans.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

Have you seen Aquaman yet? What’s your most-anticipated movie of 2019? I went to the movies last night again and saw Bumblebee (2018) with my Transformers-loving boyfriend, and am SO EXCITED to see TOY STORY 4 in June! 😀

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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