Book Review: Phantoms by Denver Evans

Way back on Black Friday, I score a major book haul for my Kindle, including the second installment of Denver Evans’ Shallows series, Phantoms. I enjoyed reading Shallows last year and was excited to dive back into an adventure with Emerson. Today, I’ll be reviewing the pirate-themed adventure that is Phantoms!


What I Liked:

Emerson and Sarai’s Relationship

While there were many actual ships setting sail in this book due to the pirate element, I personally shipped Emerson and Sarai hard. If you loved these two in the first book, you’re in for plenty of adorable moments between them in Phantoms.

New Characters

My favorite new character was Elton, a childhood friend of Sarai’s that accompanies her and Emrie on their newest quest. Elton reminds me of Jake from The Rescuers Down Under due to his confidence and role in the story, and I really felt his addition aided the story.

Emerson’s Mind

Emrie is just so dang creative and quick-minded that you can’t help but love him. I adored watching him navigate the rough waters and solving problems in his unique way.

What Was Iffy:

How the Enemies are Overpowered

As to not spoil the events of the book, I’ll just say that I was confused as to how the enemies were brought down. I understand bits and pieces of it, but at the same time it almost seemed as too easy of a fix. I would also like to have learned more abut the villain’s motive, but I suspect it’ll be mentioned in Book 3, Legends.

Overall, I am excited to read the conclusion, Legends, in the future!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

Have you read Denver Evans’s series? What are your thoughts?

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