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Welcome back for another Friday book review! Today’s review is for the second installment in Sarah Addison-Fox’s The Stormers TrilogyRetreat! If you’re not familiar with The Stormer’s Trilogy, it is a fast-paced, dystopian fantasy series that will elicit extreme fangirling if you’re not careful! 😉 That being said, let’s jump into the review!


While the first book in The Stormers TrilogyRetrieve, proved to be a great introduction into the series, Retreat takes it up a notch and allows readers to fully dive in to the characters’ lives, all while continuing with the high-stakes, action-packed plot of the first book.

What I Liked:

Revealing Kade’s True Characterization

As I suspected after reading Retrieve, Kade’s layers upon layers of broodiness begin to peel in Retreat and I personally adore his true self! Though he is tough, stubborn, and a no-nonsense sassmaster at times, we find him softening up whenever Hadley’s around… and gah! ❤ *Fangirls* Just kiss her already!

Cast of Characters

Even though Kade ended up being my favorite character to follow in this book, The Stormer’s Trilogy has an excellent cast of characters, each with their own memorable and quirky personalities. Even though I don’t agree with his judgment, Carl proved to be a funny character. Readers can easily sympathize with Hadley’s heartbreaking past, and can’t help but love Meg, Kade’s protective sister. The villains are mysterious yet intriguing, and I can’t wait to see how the Stormers end up dealing with them in the third book!

The Setting

While the first installment took readers on more of a quest with various settings, the majority of Retreat is based at the Stormers’ Retreat, which, if I’m imagining it correctly according to the book, is similar to a ski lodge, minus the skiing aspect, of course. The author does a terrific job of describing the setting to us, and I felt that it was a unique addition to the story that allowed for external conflict once the harsh winter weather sets in. I wish I could visit the Stormers’ Retreat myself!

The Action

Though the Stormers are confined to the Stormers’ Retreat for their break, the action does not cease. For readers who loved the action element in book one, there are plenty of fights and added drama that keep the plot and subplots interesting throughout. I can’t wait to see how it all ties together in book three!

Overall, I feel that Retreat is an excellent continuation of the series, and I ended up enjoying it more than the first book.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you to the author for providing me a free ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. A positive review was not required to receive the ebook.

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