Book Review: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

After reading and enjoying Emma and Pride and Prejudice, I bought a copy of Sense and Sensibility to explore another of Austen’s most beloved works. Though I initially picked up my copy in late 2015, I’m embarrassed to say that after a failed attempt to finish the book almost four years ago, I’ve finally made it through, though it still took me about four months to do so.

However, the reason for taking so long to read this romantic classic is no fault of the book, but rather my own attention span. I’ve learned, after taking forever to read each of the three Austen novels under my belt, that I have to be in a certain mood to read them. That being said, I highly enjoyed reading about the romantic escapades of the Dashwood sisters.


What I Loved

The Characters

Austen had the brilliant ability to create three-dimensional characters and attribute them with characteristics so realistic you think these characters once existed. My favorites were Elinor and Edward, though I also enjoyed Marianne’s hysterics.

The Romances

I related SO MUCH to Elinor in my late teenage years, and someone close to me dealt with escaping from a Willoughby within the past year, so the romance brought on ALL THE FEELS. During their grievances, I ached for both sisters, and fangirled like crazy when, in true Austen fashion, they both finally end up with the men they deserve. ❤

The Plot Twists

Though also in true Austen fashion there was a lot of random rambling, the plot twists in this novel made up for it! Unlike Emma and Pride and Prejudice where I had a feeling early on how the book would end, I was totally surprised by, and absolutely loved, how the events conspired.

Overall, I find Austen’s first published novel to be an enchanting yet drama-filled classic romance that I won’t soon forget. If you’re considering reading Austen’s works for the first time, I would recommend reading this one first, as it’s a great first introduction to her style of writing.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Talk to me, Arrowheads!

Which Austen novel do you like best? Personally, I think I like Pride and Prejudice best, but Sense and Sensibility is a close second. I look forward to reading more of her works in the future!

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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  1. Even though I’ve read this book multiple times, I’m still always surprised when Willoughby shows up at the Palmers’ house (to ‘explain’ his actions, you know). So I get what you mean about the plot twists. (Though I don’t believe that Jane Austen ever indulged in ‘random rambling’…everything has a purpose. 😉 )

    Great review!

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