Book Review: Finding Fireflies by A.C. Williams

I scored a Kindle copy of this novel during a discount book haul on Black Friday last year. Though I had never previously read any of A.C. Williams’ works, this book easily enticed me to want to read more of her books.


What I Loved:

Use of Humor

Finding Fireflies is a Christian romantic comedy with thriller elements, and the author’s use of humor had me laughing throughout the book. Our narrator–Trisha–offers comic relief at just the right moments while navigating through the serious issues in the novel. If you’re a fan of Jenny B. Jones’ style of clean humor, you will surely love A.C. Williams as well.


Trisha, the main character, is beyond relatable for single, adult Christians. Though I am currently dating someone, like Trisha I am an unmarried adult who still lives with her parents and struggles with adapting to adulthood. We don’t see a lot of characters like Trisha in books, so it was a pleasant contrast to the Perfect Hallmark Single Girl main character.

The Plot

I have never read a book about the topic of human-trafficking before, and after reading this, I applaud the author for writing about this topic from a Christlike viewpoint. The information mentioned in the novel is insightful, and teaches readers how to spot signs of trafficking occuring. As human-trafficking is becoming a more prominent danger in the United States, I feel this is a timely novel.

The Christlike Messages

Two prominent messages were featured in this book that we need LOADS more of in Christian fiction:

1. That no matter what you’ve done in the past, if you accept God’s grace and mercy through Jesus Christ, you are forgiven and those sinful stains are washed clean.

2. Christians should embrace, love and show kindness and respect to new/old Christians alike who have dark pasts. Judging someone based on their sinful pasts or something deemed sinful merely by church tradition does not lead people to Christ, and this book illustrates the negative impact this type of behavior can have.

Overall, I believe this is an important novel for today’s Christians, and I am eager to read more by Williams.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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