Revamping a Damaged Notebook with Washi Tape

Once upon a random night in 2007, I decided to start keeping a dream journal. In the twelve years since then, I still haven’t filled the entire journal with crazy dreams I’ve had, but the journal ended up getting damaged. The strip of black fabric that covered the book binding ripped loose, exposing the gross glue layer beneath it. Tired of the stickiness, I hopped on Amazon to look for some washi tape.


I first heard about washi tape on YA fantasy author Sarra Cannon’s YouTube channel, Heart Breathings. Sarra uses washi tape in her notebooks, but after looking around on Pinterest, I found more uses for washi tape. Here’s the tape I ended up buying! (note: I’m not an Amazon affiliate and this is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to show off the prettiness! 😉 )

Let me first explain that I did not realize the washi tape was that small before buying it! If I had known it was only 3mm, I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. The Amazon page clearly says it’s that size, though apparently I didn’t read it and assumed the individual tape strands would be as wide as my thumb. Each strand ended up being about a third of that. But, it still turned out pretty cute!





I regret forgetting to take a Before picture featuring the damaged binding, but believe me, all it was was a bunch of  gross glue residue. Now that it’s covered up, I no longer have to worry about sticky hands/desk when I’m writing in it, and it’s cute to look at!

I don’t consider myself a crafty person. Literally all I did to the journal was tape the washi tape on, cut the tape from the roll, and wrap any left over tape around the back edge of the cover. So, this is a super easy craft anyone can do. The only downside was that, because the tape is so small in width, it took me about two hours to wrap the entire thing. Still, I highly recommend trying this method to revamp your damaged or plain notebooks!

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

Are you a fan of washi tape? This was my first experience buying and using washi tape, and so far, I’m impressed! What are your favorite ways to use washi tape?

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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  1. I LOVE WASHI TAPE!! I’ve loved playing around with duct tape since I was 11 or so and once we moved to Japan my friends and I started using washi tape for details on duct tape stuff. I’ve done so many notepads in duct/washi tape. My favorite was a plain brown Japanese notebook I completely covered in pink Mossy Oak duct tape and put a quote sticker on the front. 😍

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