Book Review: The Big Picture by Jenny B. Jones

Last year, I read and fell in love with the first two installments of Jones’s Katie Parker Productions series, but neglected to write reviews To make up for it, every Friday this month, I’ll be reviewing all four books in the series. This week, I’ll be reviewing book three, The Big Picture.


GUYS, this series just gets better and better! ❤

What I Loved:

Katie’s Ever-Improving Character Arc

In this installment, Katie displays even more growth as a character as she faces the demons of her past again head-on and holds fast to the Christian principles that her foster parents have instilled in her. I laughed with Katie and cried with her. The poor girl goes on an emotional roller coaster, but keeps faith that God will see her through. I absolutely love the journey she’s been on throughout these three books, and I feel her character arc is strongest in this installment.

Maxine’s Antics (yes, again)

You know I had to mention my favorite character again. XD Though her fussing with Sam did feel a bit dragged out in this installment, I loved her antics in trying to win him back over. If you love Maxine as much as I do, be prepared for more laughs.


Y’all… I thought I shipped Katie with Charlie in Book 2… but in this installment Charlie really tested my patience and then Katie meets this sweet little goober and wow! ❤ Tate is perfection. Tate is a million times better than Charlie. And that’s a fact. XD

Realistically Portraying Child Neglect

If you like Christian fiction that accurately portrays real-life hardships, I highly recommend checking out this series. The way Jones writes about child neglect in this installment absolutely broke my heart for Katie, and I was hanging on the edge of my seat until she was returned to the safety of the Scotts.

Katie and Maxine’s Friendship

My absolute favorite part of this book is that Katie finally admits that Mad Maxine is one of her best friends, and their heartfelt moments with one another during their struggles gave me all the feels! ❤ Maxine reminds me a lot of my sassy Grandma who passed away over a decade ago, and if she was still alive, I know we’d have somewhat of a similar relationship as these two. ❤


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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