Book Review: Can’t Let You Go by Jenny B. Jones

Last year, I read and fell in love with the first two installments of Jones’s Katie Parker Productions series, but neglected to write reviews. To make up for it, every Friday this month I have reviewed installments of this series. If you have missed my reviews for books one through three, they can be found below:

Today I’ll be reviewing the fourth and final installment of the Katie Parker Productions series, Can’t Let You Go.


Though I absolutely adored the first three books in the Katie Parker Productions series, the fourth and final book did not quite provide the round-up I was craving for Katie and her friends.


Katie’s Love for In Between

Our main character, Katie, has come a long way from being a trouble-making foster kid to the woman she has become in this installment. Katie’s love for her adopted family and her hometown is most evident in this book, and I’m glad Katie found peace in In Between.


Lack of Characters from Former Books

One of my biggest complaints about this book is that quite a few of the characters I loved in books 1-3 were not featured or were barely mentioned, including Sam Dayberry, Nash, Hannah, Amy, and TATE. I was very disappointed that Francis was marrying someone new without any reason as to why she’s no longer with Nash. My sweet Tate was regarded as a fond memory swept under the rug. Sam was rarely mentioned, though he’s still with Maxine. Amy’s issues do not get resolved. But, readers get more than enough of…


After reading book three, I was already greatly annoyed with Charlie for stringing Katie along (and all their drama that came with that). This installment thrives on the same drama (now seven years in the future) with Charlie being an arrogant creeper and pressuring Katie to love him by showing up everywhere she is. Literally. I felt like he was stalking her at one point. And, after all he’s put her through, I couldn’t understand why Katie even still liked him at this point.

Katie’s Other Boyfriend

The plot element of Katie’s newly ex-boyfriend whom she met in theater coming to In Between added tons more melodrama to the already relationship drama centered plot. Both Charlie and this guy were jerks, and this whole love triangle turned me off even more.

Overall, though I love the first three books in this series, I didn’t really care for Can’t Let You Go. If the final book would have centered around Katie and her friends during their senior year and stayed true to the characters of the first three books, I feel I would have enjoyed it more.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

Thanks for stopping by, Arrowheads! It’s been a joy reviewing this series for you. I highly recommend checking out this series, as Jenny B. Jones is one of my favorite Christian YA authors! Have you read any of her books? Let’s fangirl about them in the comments below!

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