2nd Quarter Review of 2019

Today I’ve got a special post in store for y’all where I’ll review all the cool, crazy, and slightly nerdy things I did in the second quarter of 2019!


April 2019

  • April 1st:  Went on a wild goose chase to Walmart to buy an Apple Watch for Josh for our third dating anniversary. 😛
  • April 2nd – 8th: Apparently nothing cool happened because I literally have no idea what I did during this time. XD
  • April 9th – 12th: Ran a $0.99 sale on Speak Your Mind.
  • April 14th: My current WIP, The Crush reached 300 pages!
  • April 19th: Ate at the local Japanese steakhouse for date night with Josh! ❤
  • April 20th: Celebrated Easter at my boyfriend’s house by hiding Easter eggs for his niece and nephew and then going to a family Easter party that night to hide more eggs! #ProfessionalEggHider
  • April 21st: Celebrated Easter with my family at my Aunt’s house, where I hid eggs a third time for my adorable little cousins. #ProfessionalEggHiderPart2 | Started a new diary!
  • April 24th: Celebrated our third dating anniversary with Josh! We ate at Outback and spent the entire car ride there and back laughing like we always do! ❤ I’m so thankful for him!
  • April 27th: Spent my Saturday night discussing Toy Story fan theories with Josh and watching a documentary about Ronald Reagan after he went to work (#3rdshift). It was a night well spent. XD
  • April 28th: Watched Josh bowl in a local bowling tournament, and when we left the bowling alley, the glass exit door shattered when we walked through the doorway! Thank God we were not injured, but it scared the mess out of both of us.
  • April 29th: Revamped my old, worn out dream journal with washi tape, which I wrote a post about here! | Total word count on The Crush for April: 67.2 k words for the WIP, so 11.5 k for the month! 😀

May 2019

  • May 4th: Saw Avengers: Endgame with Josh and his best friend. AND. ENDGAME. IS. HEARTBREAKING. And now I’m currently watching all of the MCU movies in order so I’ll actually know what all went down. (I had only watched a handful of MCU movies before then.)
  • May 6th: Made this cute little wannabe movie poster for The Crush using WordSwag:
  • May 8th: My sister made the hilarious proclamation of, “I like grapes, but I can’t eat a whole loaf!” *Facepalm* XD
  • May 11th: I may or may not have fallen in love with Captain America after watching The First Avenger for the first time.
  • May 16th: Josh finally told me that he got a FIRST SHIFT JOB after being on third shift for almost two years! ❤ Thank God!
  • May 17th: Successfully cleared off the Low Tire Pressure warning on my car by myself for the first time! *pumps fist*
  • May 18th: Had the best time looking at modulars and double-wides with Josh and his momma.
  • May 23rd: Went to Josh’s bowling league banquet and a local minor league baseball game afterward! #GoWoodDucks
  • May 26th: Binge-watched seven episodes of Once Upon a Time with Josh. Yes, I now have my boyfriend hooked on this show. XD
  • May 27th: Went swimming on Memorial Day and got sunburnt like crazy. | Total word count on The Crush for May: 76.7 k words for the WIP, so 9.5 k for the month!

June 2019

  • June 1st: Reached 390 pages on The Crush and had 1.5 chapters to go! | Went to a local NTPA (National Tractor Pulling Association) event with Josh and his parents.
  • June 2nd:  Binge-watched ten episodes of Once Upon a Time with Josh and my family after church until nightfall. We’re so productive. XD
  • June 7th: Had a date night to celebrate Josh starting his new job! We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings and had ice cream from Coldstone Creamery after. Oh, and watched more Once Upon a Time episodes when we got back. XD
  • June 8th: Drove to another town to look at more double wides and modulars with Josh and his family. On the way back home, we stopped by Walmart and Josh bought an ice cream maker, which makes some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had! Our first batch ended up tasting just like a chocolate milkshake from Hardee’s!
  • June 9th: Had Pastor’s appreciation day at church, and ate afterward. Josh grilled steaks for the first time that night at his house, and did a phenomenal job!
  • June 15: Went on a day trip to Myrtle Beach with Josh. First we went to the model train store in the mall (we had always wanted to go, but they’re only open three days a week) and checked out the trains! Then we hung out at Barefoot Landing, got some ice cream, and ate at Johnny Rockets. Finally, for the main event, we went to the Alabama Theatre for a Josh Turner concert! It was an awesome day!JoshTurner.jpg
  • June 16th: Spent Father’s Day swimming at the house!
  • June 19th: Went out to eat with Josh’s family to celebrate his momma’s birthday.
  • June 20th: Josh got off work early and surprised me by taking me out to lunch! ❤ Sweetest guy ever! We celebrated his niece’s birthday that night.
  • June 21st: Went to the movies with Josh to watch Toy Story 4. You can read my review of that nightmare here!
  • June 23rd: Went to Josh’s niece’s birthday party.
  • June 24th: I took the day off from work to finish writing my third novel, The Crush! Read more about it here! 🙂 | Total word count on The Crush for June: 82.4k words for the WIP, so 5.7k and A FINISHED NOVEL for the month!
  • June 30th: Went on a day trip to Myrtle Beach with my family. We went to the Hollywood Wax Museum and hung out at Broadway at the Beach.

Total Word Count for 2nd Quarter of 2019: 26.7 K!!! (Started the year at 28.5k)

April Reads

  1. In Between (Katie Parker Productions, #1) by Jenny B. Jones
  2. On the Loose (Katie Parker Productions, #2) by Jenny B. Jones
  3. The Big Picture (Katie Parker Productions, #3) by Jenny B. Jones
  4. Can’t Let You Go (Katie Parker Productions, #4) by Jenny B. Jones
  5. Porch Swing Girl (Tradewinds, #1) by Taylor Bennett
  6. Writing Tips for Writers by Tyler Wagner
  7. Dandelion Dust by Faith Potts
  8. Uncanny Valley (Uncanny Valley #1) by C.A. Gray

May Reads

  1. How I Sold 80,000 Books by Alinka Rutkowska
  2. O to be Like Thee: How Deep Love Runs by Kassie Angle
  3. Irrelevant (The Relevance Series, #1) by Sarah Addison-Fox
  4. Dronefall by A.L. Buehrer
  5. 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons
  6. Let God Fight Your Battles by Joyce Meyer

June Reads

  1. Heirs to a Secret by Penny Wood (Alpha Read)
  2. Pretty in Punxsutawney by Laurie Boyle Crompton
  3. When You Found Me by Shana Norris
  4. Irreverent by Sarah Addison-Fox
  5. Not Write Now by Kyle Robert Schultz

Total 2nd Quarter Reads: 19 Books | Goodreads 2019 Reading Challenge Goal: 100 | Currently at 47/100 books

*Falls in a puddle of exhaustion* This quarter has been tough, y’all. Let’s see what this next quarter has to offer!

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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