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My favorite thing to do while I’m getting ready in the morning is watching writing or self-publishing related YouTube videos. A lot of these videos have transformed my writing methods and have opened my eyes to different aspects of self-publishing. Today I’d like to share some of my favorite Authortube channels that I highly recommend subscribing to!

Abbie Emmons | Writers Life Wednesdays

Without a doubt, my top current recommendation for writing and self-publishing advice is Abbie Emmons’s Writer’s Life Wednesdays channel. I have yet to find a YouTuber who goes as in-depth into the different aspects of writing as Abbie does. My favorite thing about her channel is that she focuses on helping writers develop character-driven stories rather than the fundamental how-tos of writing. Abbie often explores the psychology behind how to make fictional characters jump from the pages, and each video teaches me more valuable lessons about the writing craft.

If you haven’t already, check out my interview with Abbie Emmons from her 100 Days of Sunlight blog tour!

Sarra Cannon | Heart Breathings

I discovered paranormal YA author Sarra Cannon’s channel, Heart Breathings, soon after I started watching Writers Life Wednesdays. Though I don’t typically enjoy the main genre Sarra writes, I absolutely love her videos on self-publishing and marketing (and her amazing notebook collection!!!). Though Sarra has sold over half a million books, she is humble and shares with viewers about the hardships she’s dealt with in the publishing industry as well. Whether you’re self-published, like notebooks and washi tape, or need some inspiration to write, Heart Breathings is the channel to watch!

K.A. Emmons | Author + Blogger + YouTuber + Dreamer

Sister of Abbie Emmons, K.A. Emmons is an indie author of The Blood Race series and offers unconventional yet super inspirational advice for writers. What I like most about her channel is that she often focuses on how writers (and creatives in general) need to be aware of and take care of their mental health. This is an aspect a lot of writing and self-publishing channels neglect, so watching her videos always clears my head!

Bethany Atazadeh | Bestselling Author, YouTuber, and Writing Coach

I recently discovered Bethany’s self-titled channel and instantly became a fan of the way she shares advice on writing and self-publishing. Bethany writes in a number of genres and often collabs with fellow YouTuber, Mandi Lynn. Though I haven’t watched much of her or Mandi’s channels yet, I look forward to watching more!

I also enjoyed watching Bethany’s Wander Writing Retreat Vlog featuring other Authortubers, so I aim to watch some of their videos in the future!

Brooke Passmore | bytheBrooke

Brooke is one of the Authortubers I discovered through Bethany’s Wander Writing Retreat Vlog. What I like best about Brooke’s channel, bytheBrooke, is that she is completely transparent with her writing struggles while also being hilarious. I relate to her a lot and have binged watched her videos lately! 😂

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

Who are your favorite writing and self-publishing YouTubers? Share your recommendations in the comments! 🙂

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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