Writing Resource Spotlight: Go Teen Writers: Edit Your Novel

I haven’t been a teen since 2013, but I continue to read articles from the Go Teen Writers blog well into my twenties. I’ve had my eye on the site’s editing guide for a while, and finally sat down it to read it last month.

I usually don’t do spotlights for the writing or self-publishing books I’ve read, but the information authors Stephanie Morrill and Jill Williamson offer is valuable for writers of any age.

Why I Recommend It:

Use of Favorite Fandoms as Examples

Good writing advice is a treasure to come across, but the advice is better and stays in mind more when examples from my favorite books, movies, and TV shows are provided. If you’re a fan of Tangled, Once Upon a Time, and The Hunger Games, you’re in for a treat!

The way Stephanie and Jill link aspects from these titles to writing fundamentals is easy to understand and will make you wonder how you haven’t recognized the connections before.

Tons of Valuable Information

This writing resource is worth every penny, as not only do the authors thoroughly explain each aspect of writing, editing, and publishing using examples, but they also provide an abundance of editing checklists and word guides at the end of the book. I will definitely use this book during future edits.

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

What writing resources do you recommend? Go Teen Writers: Edit Your Novel is by far the best one I’ve come across, but I also aim to try Story Genius and Wired for Story by Lisa Cron.

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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