Discount Sale: Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl

Happy Monday, Arrowheads!

Even though Mondays aren’t the best, I have a special treat for y’all to put a smile on your faces!

In honor of The Crush releasing on October 24th, I’ve decided to host a week-long sale of my debut novel, Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl from now until next Monday, October 26th! Be sure to snag your discounted copy now before it returns to its original price of $3.99 on the 27th!

Blurb for Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl:

Does the quality of a yearbook picture have the power to predict how a school year will turn out?

Riley Houston, once deemed an ugly duckling and social pariah among her classmates, makes a splash in the big pond of Linwood Whaley High her freshman year. Gone are her braceface and haircut of doom as Riley faces her long-awaited chance at love with Brett Harvey: the school’s swoon-worthy quarterback and her next-door neighbor who she’s admired over the backyard fence for years.

Riley’s convinced she’s about to score her first boyfriend, but when she recites a poem she wrote about Brett for her English assignment, her cousin’s adorably awkward best friend takes the bait instead.

Her plan of winning over Brett falls to the wayside as Riley tries to suppress her unintended yet budding crush on Carter Pickett. In a battle of heart and soul, Riley faces the decision to either fight for what she’s always wanted, or be vulnerable and loved for the side of her she’s always tried to hide.

Lighthearted and full of southern sass, Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl is a clean young adult romance that may convince you having a high school sweetheart is still a possibility. 

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And, while you’re there, preorder The Crush!

Blurb for The Crush:

Never settle for anything less.

A combination hopeless romantic and old soul trapped in a teenager’s body, closet musician Emery Brooks wonders if she’ll ever find a love as timeless as her grandparents’. Fear of judgment and social alienation due to her older brother’s past mistakes render her incapable of writing a love song. Still, Emery holds fast to the ideals her Grandma Adeline instilled in her from a young age, vowing to allow God to handwrite her love story, to never settle for anything less.

That is, until love cynic Sawyer Alston enters her world. Broken by the wrath of his parents’ failed marriage, Sawyer has been uprooted from everything he’s ever known and now sees love as a void of empty promises. When Emery and Sawyer meet due to their mothers’ rekindled friendship, Emery soon realizes she’s in over her head.

For, despite her resistance, her first crush, her first glimpse at love, involves a boy who doesn’t believe in love at all.

A tale of love and loss reminiscent of old-fashioned values with a bit of sass and music mixed in, The Crush is perfect for fans of A Walk to Remember and This Lullaby.

Snag Your Copy Now!

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Thank each and every one of you for your continued support, and for being an early reviewer for The Crush if you were an ARC team member. Y’all are amazing! ❤

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

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