Affirmations for Christian Authors Post-Release

Are you a Christian author who is suffering, or has suffered from, release day blues? Has your case of release day blues ever turned into burnout, or led you into a comparison trap?

Over the years, I’ve come across plenty of posts about affirmations for writers or authors, but never one solely centered on the post-release period. Scroll down to discover my ten affirmations for you authors who have recently released your book baby into the world. ❤

Affirmation 1)

Sales numbers do not define my writing abilities. I am a great writer whether or not I am making a dollar or six-figures from this book. God called me to be a writer, and I am a great writer because I am chasing the Purpose He gave me.

Affirmation 2)

If my book has a few bad reviews, it doesn’t mean the book is terrible, or that I’m a terrible author. Not everyone will understand the purpose of the book, and that is okay.

Affirmation 3)

This book is not the peak of my writing career. As long as I put God first, He will continue to bless my writing abilities if He sees fit.

Affirmation 4)

God will place my book in front of the readers who need it. Writing is my ministry for God first, not a self-serving career for myself.

Affirmation 5)

I did the very best I could on this book. It’s future is in God’s hands now.

Affirmation 6)

I am allowed to take a well-deserved break for my hard work on this book, but I shall never stop chasing what God has laid on my heart.

Affirmation 7)

My timeline should not be compared to [insert other author’s name here]. God is writing my own story.

Affirmation 8)

This book will become someone’s favorite book someday, and God will bless me with that news when I least expect it.

Affirmation 9)

I love writing and will keep at it despite what sales or circumstances entail. I have faith God will see this Purpose through to the end.

Affirmation 10)

I am living my dream and purpose by putting words on paper for the world to read. I have accomplished something many people never do, thanks to my Heavenly Father.

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

I hope these affirmations help you overcome those release day blues and stay focused on the Purpose God has given you. What other affirmations can you think of to add?

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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