WIP Update: On the Flip Side (Update #3)

Hey there, Arrowheads! It’s time for the third update on my progress writing my current Contemporary Christian Young Adult novel, On the Flip Side!

If you haven’t yet read the first and second updates, you can do so here:

So, what’s been going on in this WIP since I last updated y’all? Well, let’s see if I can remember. XD

July 2022

During my last update, I left off in July, which was the last time I tweaked my outline for On the Flip Side. While I did pretty good at writing consistently throughout the month (even though I didn’t write for the first few days of the month, due to celebrating Independence Day), I was able to add 7,736 words to the novel, and ended the month at 30,250 words.

In the past, my usual goal for each month is to add 10,000 words to whatever WIP I’m writing; however, since I’m in the process of publishing The Fall (The Ballad of Emery Brooks, #2) this fall, I’m trying to be lenient with myself. So, instead of pushing to add exactly 10k back in July, I just chose to make it to 30k, because I don’t like ending months on random numbers (like 27k or 29k) if I can help it. I’m just kinda peculiar that way. XD

August 2022

In August, I was loaded down with self-editing (read my Editing Diaries entry here to learn more!) The Fall before sending it off to my editor, so I lowered my writing expectations further down to 5,000 words. In the past, I learned the hard way not to expect myself to be able to write 10k a month while also dedicating a lot of time to projects I’m publishing, so I’m now learning to be okay with slower progress. And so far, I’m enjoying the slower momentum, because I’m still trying to figure out some things about the story.

My writing sessions weren’t as consistent in August, but I managed to write an average of 476 words a day, and met my goal of reaching 35k by the end of the month.

The scenes I wrote in August were some of the most powerful Christian scenes I’ve wrote thus far in my writing career, and it’s only the beginning for this book. If you remember my first post about On the Flip Side a few months back, you may recall that this is my first Young Adult novel that is not a romance. This one is more about how sisters overcome the wedge that was driven between them after one sister leaves a toxic relationship with an abusive narcissist, and how she finds a relationship with Christ along the way. The scenes I wrote in August were this character’s first encounter with the church after breaking off from the relationship, and I hope I did them justice. They were challenging for me to write, but I enjoyed writing them.

September 2022

Truth be told, I slacked off on writing for the first two weeks of September. Just like in early July, I was unsure of where the next few chapters were headed (and inevitably procrastinated), but I picked back up writing on September 14th, and have tried to write a minimum word count of 350 words during each writing session. Hopefully, this will allow me to reach my goal of an additional 5,000 words by month end, which will put the manuscript at 40,000 words… what I’m anticipating to be the midpoint.

The midpoint, I think, is what’s scaring me. Even though I’ve been writing On the Flip Side for six months now, it feels like the process of writing this book has flown by, and I don’t feel like I’ve got a solid midpoint plan in mind for one of my main characters. During the last couple of writing sessions I’ve done, I’ve been doing more discovery writing–just figuring the scenes out as I go–rather than trying to continue my outline. I like some parts I’ve written, but am half-worried the first draft will read like a noncohesive dumpster fire (but all first drafts are like that, right?).

That’s what editing is for, though. Let that be a future problem, Lord willing. XD

At the time of writing this post (September 20th), I’ve written a total of 1,700 words so far this month, which came from four writing sessions. Lord willing, I won’t slack off on writing anymore this month and will reach 40k by the end of September. Prayers are appreciated!

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

If you’re a writer, what are you currently working on, and how is your writing going? If you’re a reader, and you haven’t yet read my other books, I currently have review team spots open for the first book in The Ballad of Emery Brooks trilogy, in anticipation for book two’s release. If you would like to apply for the review team, check out this post.

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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