Editing Diaries: The Fall (Episode 7)

How is this already the last installment of Editing Diaries for The Fall?!?!

Never mind that these things have been going on since January of 2021, and it’s now October 2022, but still… 😛

From the outside looking in, it may seem like it has taken me half an eternity to get this book out to y’all, but from my perspective, I feel like this editing process has flown by.

So, how did this last round of edits go? Scroll on. 🙂

If you’d like a recap of all the previous Editing Diaries installments, you can find them below:

The Alpha-Reader and Professional Edit Rounds

When we last left off in Episode 6, I believe I had just sent The Fall to my good pal and fellow Young Adult Christian fiction author, M. Liz Boyle. Y’all, her feedback was amazing, and helped me figure out some parts of the book that I was still struggling with. I’m so glad we’ve become friends online over the past few years.

After I implemented Liz’s edits, I sent The Fall to my professional editor, Rayleigh Setser, at the end of August (I think. I’m having a complete brain lapse at the moment. XD). I’m extremely thankful for her feedback as well, because she offered great advice on enhancing some technical aspects of a scene that I had not even considered before. It was also really fun to read both Rayleigh’s and Liz’s fangirling comments. 🙂

The Final(?) Read-Through

As per my usual tradition prior to a release, I decided to read through both The Crush and The Fall sequentially before submitting The Fall’s manuscript for my pre-order deadlines. Funnily enough, I also caught some minor issues in The Crush that I need to fix before The Fall’s release. Though I was terrified that I’d find some major continuity errors in The Fall during this read-through, I didn’t. There were still some minor things that needed to be changed, but overall, I think it’s solid.

I think.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, part of me wants to squeeze in another, FINAL-final read-through before the release… but I don’t know if I’ll have time. At the time of writing this post on October 18th, my October TBR is suffering right now because I chose to read The Crush and The Fall, and I really want to read the mysteries and thrillers I’ve been setting aside just for autumn.

Thankfully, ARC reader feedback for The Fall has been positive so far, so that has helped ease my anxiety a little. Still, if y’all catch me on Goodreads marking it as “currently reading” one more time… don’t judge me. XD

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

If you’re a writer, what are you currently working on, or editing? How is your editing progress going?

If you’re a reader, and have not yet read The Crush or The Fall, I’m still accepting applicants for my review team if you’d like to join! Just apply at this link: https://forms.gle/oDMjveCHWNF2pwDz9

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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