Daydream With Me: Decorating My Writing Room/Library

What’s up, Arrowheads!

I’m so mad at myself right now, because I had drafted this entire post in a document with the intention to copy it over to the post placeholder later… and I accidentally saved over it with something else.

I was thrilled the other day that I was finally getting ahead of schedule on my blog posts, and now I’m rewriting this post from scratch. Yay. -_- Hopefully I’ll remember everything from the first draft.

Anyway, let’s get back to business. In a previous post, you may remember that I mentioned that my husband and I bought a building for our backyard last year, that we intend on using as a car/woodworking shop for Josh, and a writing room/library for me. Imagine a he shed/she shed, if you will.

We both work full-time, so he’s still working on getting the building set up when he has spare time (which hasn’t been much lately). But he started on my writing room/library first, and it will hopefully be finished in the next few months.

Meanwhile, I’ve been daydreaming about how I want to decorate my portion of the building, and today, I’m inviting y’all to daydream along with me! ❤

The Library

When I refer to “the library” part of my writing room, I’m referring to one wall that will house the bookshelf of my dreams. Modeled after this picture on Pinterest, rather than filling the wall with multiple, traditional bookshelves, this bookshelf will be made of several wooden boards that are the width of the wall, that will be bracketed to the wall. So this thing will be humongous, and I am ready for it! Since Josh and I got married, all my books have been stacked on top of a dresser in one of our spare rooms, so I quite literally look like a book hoarder right now. I can’t wait to display them all again on an actual shelf!

The only other bookshelf I’ve had, which you can see a glimpse of here, was built by my Daddy when I was in middle school. It’s about five feet tall, with shelves that are maybe three feet wide. I’m not good at guesstimating, so just go with this. XD Anyway, the bookshelf in The Library will allow me to fit so many more books onto its shelves, and I’m over-the-moon excited about that. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the bookshelf Daddy made me. He even painted it that obnoxious turquoise/aqua color I wanted (and still secretly love, even though it’s LOUD :P).

What will we be doing with the bookshelf Daddy made me? We’ve already bought paint for it, and it’s sitting in the building right now; we just need to sand it down and repaint it to repurpose it in our living room. Instead of books, we plan to store our DVDs, CDs, and video game boxes there. If you were wondering if we’re a couple of millennials, here’s your sign. 😉

Bookshelf Decorations

So, how do I plan to decorate this bookshelf of my dreams?

I already have a few knickknack items I used to store on my old bookshelf, so those will probably make a reappearance. But, what I’m really looking forward to is to start collecting Funko Pops and display them.

I’ve seen so many Bookstagram photos where readers display Funko Pops of their favorite fictional characters on their shelves, and some I’m wanting to collect are:

  • Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, and Kevin from The Office
  • Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch (if he’s available) from The Hunger Games
  • Walt Disney (I just discovered they had one of him yesterday, and I’m OBSESSED)
  • Stitch from Lilo and Stitch
  • Rapunzel from Tangled
  • Snoopy and Charlie Brown

and possibly more. 🙂

The Writing Room

When I refer to The Writing Room, I mean pretty much everything else other than that bookshelf that will be in this room. So, let’s break it down into:

The Furniture

Right now, I’m leaning more toward a farmhouse theme for the furniture, which, in my mind, mainly includes the writing desk. Y’all, I cannot wait for that writing desk. The only things I’ve ever had that could even be considered a “writing desk” are my parents dining room table where I used to write on occasion, and my office desk at work where I write on my lunch break. So, I’ve never had my own, personal, writing desk, and I will literally cry whenever I can sit down at it and use the gift God gave me for the first time. ❤

I’ve always envisioned some cabinets/shelving in there as well, which will also have a farmhouse feel, but I’m not sure how I want those to be arranged yet.

The Writing Desk’s Computer Setup

At work, I have a dual monitor setup that works from a laptop which rests on a docking station, and I want to do the same thing on my writing desk. It’ll be SO much easier to write and edit with two more screens rather than just my laptop’s screen. 😀

The Writing Desk’s AESTHETIC

Please excuse the random capitalization. I just like that word. XD

I sound absolutely unhinged in this post, not even gonna deny it.

This is where I’m torn, y’all. Please help me decide.

I’ve thought about a couple options for desk accessory aesthetics:

  1. A white marble theme
  2. A cheetah-print theme

I’ve looked at both on Amazon, and can’t decide which one I like more, or if I even want to go with either of them. I like both, but I’m afraid that if I buy accessories separately, like a pencil cup here and a mouse pad there, that the patterns won’t match. And I don’t want those problems. It’ll throw off my groove. Ya feel me?

So, I may just go with an eclectic bunch of accessories that don’t match but still go together. If that makes any sense.

Who knows, really? I’m a tad indecisive, especially when Amazon has so many options to scroll through.

Drop your thoughts in the comments!

The Writing Room’s Decor

And last, but definitely not least, we have The Writing Room’s planned decor.

Have you seen the inside of a Hobby Lobby? It’ll probably look like that establishment threw a showroom party up in there.

As a typical Southern lady, I love Hobby Lobby, and I plan to find all the cute wall and shelf decor items and scatter them all over that room.

In a tasteful way, of course.

I’ve already prematurely bought one shelf item (ON CLEARANCE, WOO!) from Hobby Lobby several months ago, which I have on display in my office at work until The Writing Room is inhabitable. It’s the quote “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” by Aibeleen Clark from one of my all-time favorite books, and movies, The Help. I can’t wait to display it beside The Help on my shelf, with the book cover out. ❤

And of course, I hope to find other bookish decorations. I can’t wait to start shopping for more items!

The Childhood Inspiration Corner

Lastly, and this may make me sound like a baby, but I have a secret…

I still have my stuffed animals from when I was a little girl. I can’t part with them. And right now, they, like my books, are sitting in that spare room. That’ll change once The Writing Room is finished.

Since some of the first stories I wrote as a kid were about these beloved stuffed animals, I plan to dedicate a corner of the room to them by displaying them in a toy net like my sister and I had in our toy room when we were little. Is it a bit juvenile for an almost 30-year-old? Possibly. Will it make me happy? Totes. So happiness wins and all judgment can step into the I Don’t Give a Bother line.

This room will be my little corner of the world, and I plan to make it as much of a cove of creativity as possible. ❤

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

What are your suggestions for The Writing Room/Library? Let me know in the comments!

Sorry if I sounded very squirrely in this post. I’m just beyond excited for this room to be finished.

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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As an author and blogger, my goal is to teach writers that there is a way to write realistic, thought-provoking, redemptive Christian fiction that honors God while not sugarcoating the realities of the world. 

One thought on “Daydream With Me: Decorating My Writing Room/Library

  1. This is so exciting for you! Yay! Can’t wait to see pictures of the completed space! Love the farmhouse theme idea, the old turquoise bookshelf (my old bedroom at my parent’s still has some turquoise accents!), and your admission about your stuffed animals. I still have mine too XD Cheetah or marble….? Hmmm….I guess either would be really cool – pick whichever puts you in a creative mood and have fun 🙂


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