Flash Fiction Friday: Guests of Obligation

Good afternoon, Arrowheads! I finally got around to finishing this short story prompt idea that I found on Pinterest months ago: write a story about a wedding from three different points-of-view. The end result is entitled “Guests of Obligation”. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Guests of Obligation


“Dale, of all the times to not have a lead foot while driving, you choose now? If we don’t hurry and get to the church, all the parkin’ spots will be taken!” Lorelei screeches to her lethargic husband as he slowly navigates through the nonexistent traffic of Corley Creek.

“It don’t start for ‘nother thirty minutes,” Dale grumbles, a wad of dip noticeably present in his mouth. As if on cue, he spits tobacco juice into a soda bottle, making Lorelei cringe.

“I swaney you ol’ fart,” Lorelei retorts as their minivan pulls into the church’s parking lot, “I know your butt don’t want to be here. Just drop me out and go home.”

Without another word, Dale unlocks the passenger’s door. Lorelei slides off the seat as soon as the vehicle comes to a halt, waddling at lightning speed through the front door of the church.

Why I married him is beyond me, Lorelei thinks, bypassing the usher’s arm and making her way to one of the first few pews, but hopefully Autumn’s fella will be better. She plops onto the vacant pew, pulling at the hemline on her dress, self-conscious of her weight. Lordy, I need to lay off the Krispy Kreme.


Ugh, I’m so glad Mom and Dad forced me to go to this backwoods church wedding, Sasha Jennings muses as an usher takes her arm and leads her to one of the front pews. Her parents remain at the church’s front door, speaking to the father of the bride. As if I want to hear more about how Awkward Autumn scored a husband before me. Sasha takes a seat next to Lorelei, scowling as the woman offers a smile.

Lorelei fails to take the hint of Sasha’s annoyance. “Well hey there Miss Priss, I’m Autumn’s Aunt Lorelei. Are you a friend of hers?”

Sasha doesn’t answer, opting to pull out her iPhone instead. Lorelei mumbles to herself, “Well, I can see why there’s no ring on your finger.” Sasha rolls her eyes.

The remaining ten minutes pass as Sasha updates her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with selfies that include the couple’s unique hashtag, placating her mother’s nagging on the subject. Lorelei comments aloud about how she loves the decorations, how she’ll have to add her new friends (the Jennings) on Facebook when she gets home, that Dale will be sleeping on the couch tonight, and how she wonders Autumn will hold up at the altar, considering she’s always been shy.

You know, I’ll make a surprise speech at the reception. Autumn will adore that, Lorelei makes a mental note.

The groomsmen enter the sanctuary, taking their positions up front. Sasha perks up when she notices that Adam Bailey, the brooding heartthrob of their former high school, is the best man. I’ll get him to notice me, she plots, batting her heavily darkened eyelashes furiously in an attempt to look flirty. Guys can’t resist me when I do this. Especially in this dress.

Adam stands at the front of the church, his palms growing clammy. People always thought he was mysterious in high school because he barely talked, though in reality he had a rough family life. Yet when he and Clark (the groom) became friends in Algebra I all that changed for the better. Clark helped Adam deal with his family issues by getting him into church, and now he just wants to get out, growing nauseous as the congregation stares at him. Especially that skanky looking girl on the third pew with the eye-twitch. What’s her problem?

Soon, the bridesmaids proceed down the aisle, Lorelei and Sasha judging each accordingly.

“Oh, she’s gorgeous!” Lorelei comments after every girl passes by, though Sasha’s mind runs through a series of tease, nerd, got pregnant in high school.

Meanwhile, Adam fixes his gaze on the copy of The Last Supper on the back wall of the church, his stomach rumbling with nerves. If I let a fart slip during the vows, this may also end up being a funeral, he realizes, biting his lower lip.

Autumn and Clark proceed through their vows without a hitch, minus the fact, of course, that they get hitched in the end. At the reception, Lorelei ends up snagging a microphone after Sasha chased down Adam before the best man’s speech was to be made. Autumn and Clark exchange a disturbed glance at their wedding guests, wondering why it’s always the guests you’re obligated to invite who end up making the day all about themselves instead.


© Copyright Allyson Kennedy, 2017. All rights reserved.


Thanks for reading! Have you ever had a bad experience at a wedding or party due to a guest of obligation?


-Allyson 😀

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