Random Musing: Food Tidal Wave

In the months gearing up to my college graduation, I promised myself that I’m going to start working out for at least 30 minutes a day, and start eating better. Tomorrow marks two weeks since I graduated, and I haven’t lost a pound. Needless to say, I haven’t been sticking to my goal much, either.

Sure, I’ve worked out some. POPSUGAR Fitness has some awesome videos that I’ve been doing for around 20 minutes for at least  couple days a week. And on those days, I feel like I may finally get a routine going. I feel like I can get skinny before my family gets our pool ready again. But then… a Food Tidal Wave hits, and I’m right back to facing square one.

This week’s Food Tidal Wave started Wednesday night. I was actually working out and it was one of the best sessions I’ve had recently. Usually I fall behind on some of those POPSUGAR Fitness videos, but that day I was keeping up and feeling just like I said before. Then my momma and sister get home from work and asked me to go to McDonald’s with them. So, there went those calories I had just burned, just like that.

Then Thursday… oh Lord. Thursday was a terror. But, luckily, I didn’t let the entirety of the Food Tidal Wave drown me. It was more like getting splashed by a rather large puddle. You know, starting out, I had good intentions. I went to McDonald’s again during lunch, but I ordered a salad and a small Dr. Pepper (their bacon, ranch, crispy chicken salads are the best salads I’ve ever eaten by the way!).  Then I get to the drive-thru window, and the cashier’s like, “Here’s your large Dr. Pepper!” and me, being the shy person that I am, didn’t correct them. So here I’ve got this salad with practically a dang liter of Dr. Pepper to go with it. I swear, the cup barely fit in my cup holder as I drove back to work. But you know, I love Dr. Pepper, so…

So after I’m done with lunch and stuffed tight as a tick, I’m working at my desk and a co-worker stopped by my office and was like, “You want a Danish?” So you already know how that turned out. I took the dang thing and didn’t look back.

And finally, as the workday is winding down, another co-worker stopped by my office to give me a pack of Belgian chocolate she didn’t want because she’s trying to resist food temptations, too. I just couldn’t win for losing! The chocolate, though, went to my momma and sister. I’m partial to Hershey’s anyway! XD


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