Flashback Fiction Friday: Beary’s Big Adventure

Welcome all Arrowheads to this special edition of Flash Fiction Friday! Today we’re taking a journey back to the early 2000s, a flashback to my earliest days as a writer. One of my story “series” as a little girl was centered around my teddy bear, who is uniquely named Beary. XD So, here we go… I give you the original first installment of the “Beary” series, Beary’s Big Adventure! (Keep in mind, I was like 8 when I wrote this. Don’t be cruel! 😛 )

Beary’s Big Adventure

Note: Not an actual photograph of Beary. Like anyone cares. XD


One day Beary wanted to visit his pals Teddy, Timmy, and Esa, so he hopped the first bus he could find. But then, oh no! The bus had a flat tire!

“Hey look, it’s Monkey Jungle!” Beary thought. One time Beary heard Timmy say that he lived across the jungle. So, Beary crossed the jungle.

But, then Beary was captured by cannibals and taken away. He was about to be eaten when there was a rustle in the bushes. It was… his friends! Beary’s friends rescued him and took him back to the village. They had a big feast to celebrate his friends’ bravery.


© Copyright 2002, Allyson Kennedy. All rights reserved.

(Like I even need to put that copyright thing there; no one is gonna steal that! XD)

Well, there you have it. It’s not much, but back then I was concerned with having enough room left at the bottom of the page for an illustration. Beary and his many friends were the subject of dozens of my first short-stories as a kid, all which gave me the needed practice for pursuing novels. I hope you liked it! What were some of your first stories about? Please share in the comments below!

-Allyson 😀

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