Poem: Process

Good afternoon my lovely Arrowheads! Today I’ve got a poem for y’all that I wrote way back in 2009… which was eight years ago, and now I’m kind of flipping out because I’m getting old. XD Oh well. I just stumbled across this poem, and I felt that I needed to share it, especially after my post from last Wednesday. So, here’s “Process”! 🙂



In the process of redemption

I should beg forgiveness from ones I love.

I never meant to hurt them,

I never meant to yell.

I never meant to ambush,

But glowering anger made it hard to tell.

In the process of becoming a new being,

I should be the person I wasn’t.

The friend, the honest one.

The one to come to when your world comes undone.

The listener.

I should have been there.

Sorry if it seemed like I never cared.

Now I’ve seen the light.

Jesus has redeemed my life.

I’m setting the past aside, spreading my arms open wide.

In the process of becoming the new and improved me,

I’m relieved to say that possibly

This dark old world

Can change just like this girl.

In the process of believing He can change this Earth,

I’m here to tell you Jesus sees our worth.

© Copyright 2009, Allyson Kennedy. All rights reserved.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to come back on Friday for another Flash Fiction story!

-Allyson 😀

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