Flash Fiction Friday: Little Things

I know, I’m late! But anyway, here’s today’s flash fiction post… Little Things!

Little Things


Tunes from the 80s are the background noise of our lunch date. You absent-mindedly wiggle in your seat to the beat of the song as you munch on your meatball sub. Bread crumbs scatter onto the tray in front of you, but you’re quick to swipe them up because you love Italian herbs and cheese bread that much. With your hand still poised at your mouth, you shoot me a faux-fury glare, and demand to know what I’m smiling at. A soft laugh escapes as I continue to watch you, shrugging my shoulders.

“It’s not nice to laugh at people, young lady,” you bark, accompanied with a goober grin and a wink to reassure me that you’re only kidding. A second later, pressure gurgles up your throat, so you let out a burp, rubbing your belly in the process. Some people would be repulsed by that, but I’m just happy you feel that you can be yourself around me.

You always prompt me to pray before our meals together, even when we’re with your friends. You go to church with me and bring the Bible I gave you for Valentine’s Day, occasionally flipping to the dedication page where I wrote, “thank you for honoring God with me,” and smiling. You kiss the back of my hand when you’re driving, and kiss my forehead when we say goodbye. You told me these already-worn-out, fifteen dollar sandals I wear to work are pretty and look expensive, making me feel like a million dollars every time I wear them.

It’s the way you purposely mess my hair up and then call me beautiful.

It’s the way you subtly tense up when another guy notices me, instinctively putting your arm around me.

It’s the way you play with little kids, and the way you say “I love you” to your dogs.

It’s when you’re working on your truck, and you randomly stop to look at me with a smile that makes it seem like I’m your entire world.

And all of those burps, those teasing remarks, those sweet gestures and nonverbal cues…well, they’re all the little things about you that I fall in love with day after day. And if one can’t fall in love with the little things, do the big things even matter?

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Thanks for reading! Check back next week for some more blog post stuffs. 😛

-Allyson 😀

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