Hello, my name is Allyson, otherwise known as Awkward. It seems that I can’t go one day without doing/saying something completely weird, often (if not always) followed by a baffled look from someone else. Here’s just a few Awkward Moment Highlights from over the past few months:

New Coworker: “Hey!”
Me: “Good and you?”
Note: This was our first conversation…

-Like a week later, after I came back from the mountains-

Other Coworker: “How was your vacation?”
Me: “Good and yours?”
Note: She didn’t go on a vacation…

Me: *Gets a strike while bowling*
Boyfriend’s Friend: “Hey, that was awesome!” *Holds out hand for high-five, palm up to me like a handshake*
Me: *Slaps the back of his hand*
Note: He’s brought this up in conversation since then…

In the past, I have also hit my head on a door knob, tripped on a broken sidewalk in high school and fell on my face (apparently it looked so bad someone thought I was having a seizure), among hundreds of other things. I’m slowly coming to accept that my life is a flurry of awkward moments lightly sprinkled in with occasional, socially acceptable, seconds. Yeah, I said seconds.

Have any awkward moments you’d like to share?

-Allyson 😀

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  1. Oh, thank you for sharing these! They made me laugh so hard and realize I’m not the only socially awkward person out there who trips over invisible objects and says things on autopilot. 😊

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