Poem: “Loss”

Good afternoon, Arrowheads! Last week, after I finished reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, I was inspired to write a poem based on what he discusses in the book. I hope you enjoy “Loss”!



Let me be not concerned with my own merit.
Instead, let Your will be done.
Let me not worry about what was said.
Allow Your words to be spoken.
Let me fall from my anxious ways,
and fall at Your feet.
Let me rid my life of poison,
and drink from Your cup of mercy.

Let me rid myself of lies.
Willing myself to die.
To take up my cross,
accept what the world calls a “loss”,
and accept Your open arms as home.
At last, I’m no longer alone.

© Copyright 2017, Allyson Kennedy. All rights reserved.

Thanks for reading! I really enjoyed reading Mere Christianity. What are your favorite books by C.S. Lewis?

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