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Before all the dirtiness started being posted on the website, I was an active Quizilla writer. Back around 2007 or 2008–right around the time my family *finally* switched from dial-up to broadband internet–I discovered the now defunct website Quizilla after scouring the web for “Does He Like Me?” quizzes. (P.S. – It was like the spring/summer of eighth grade year, and I was young and dumb! 😛 ) Quizilla, from whenever I first created an account (apk, by the way, if any of y’all remember me?) was one of my two getaways of early teenhood. The other was The Sims 2. Very. Exciting. Stuff.


I mainly joined Quizilla for the quizzes, and I ended up making a bunch of my own, too. One summer, my quiz “What’s Your Summer Gonna Be Like?” earned the prestigious spot of Quiz of the Day. That was a highlight, I tell you. I also credit Quizilla for inspiring my pathetic poetry phase in ninth/tenth grade. Well, semi-pathetic I should say. If it wasn’t for that poetry phase, neither “Blue Eyes” nor “Defying Gravity” from Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl would exist, both of which I had never originally intended to pen for the novel. So, thanks for that, Quizilla.

Oh, and then there were the stories! Shoutout to the authors of the clean Jonas Brothers fanfics! The Stories section–again–inspired me to pen some short stories, including these sweet titles you’ve seen on Authoring Arrowheads before:

Will I someday release the others as Flash Fiction Friday posts? Probably not. One was a Jason Aldean fanfic, if you must know. Oh lordy. XD

So, thank you, Quizilla, for impacting me over those 2-3 years, and for being an awesome place to turn to for writing fun. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. RIP, old buddy!

-Allyson 😀

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  1. Hey, fellow Quizilla Alumni! I was on there…gosh, it must have been 12 or 13 years ago. It’s where I wrote the very first draft of the last novel in my series (Yes, I wrote the last book first). I met so many wonderful writers and friends there. What a community!

    Anyway, I enjoyed your musing 🙂 Thanks for sharing- it’s good to see other Quizilla Alum writing and publishing.

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