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Welcome back! Since I’ve already posted a book review this week, I decided to go in a different direction today. 🙂

Movies and books that include Easter eggs, or references/inclusions from other books and movies are fascinating to me. Film companies, such as Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar, and authors like Sarah Dessen have had multiple releases containing Easter eggs that relate to their own productions or books. Following in their footsteps, I’ve included seven Easter eggs in my newest release, Speak Your Mind, which I’ll explain today!


Egg 1: Joey Troup, aka Zeebot

Zeebot’s last name was inspired by the eccentric professional bowler, Kyle Troup. Kyle is known for wearing vibrant and uniquely designed bowling jerseys at tournaments, which reminds me a lot of Zeeb, who stands out in a crowd. I had the privilege of watching Kyle bowl at a PBA tournament in Wilmington in 2017, and since my boyfriend, Josh, is a bowler, I knew this would be a great Easter egg for his bowling friends who pick up the book.

Egg 2: Victoria’s Cat, Marshall

A slight mention of Victoria’s deceased cat, Marshall, is a nod to another professional bowler, Marshall Kent. I also saw him bowl at the last two PBA tournaments in Wilmington that I attended with Josh. The cat didn’t remind me of Marshall the bowler though; I just like the name! 🙂

Egg 3: Victoria’s Uncle Locke

Victoria’s uncle/pastor’s name is a nod to Pastor Greg Locke, a bold pastor who often posts videos and Christian messages on Facebook. Pastor Locke has released several videos about mental health aspects like anxiety, topics which are featured in Speak Your Mind. Although I now don’t agree with how he reacts to some things in his videos, “Locke” sounded like a cool name to use at the time.

Egg 4: The Sub in Markovich’s Class

Perhaps the most obvious Easter egg of all, Trent Houston from my first novel, Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl, makes an appearance, all grown up as the kids’ substitute teacher.

Egg 5: Aiden’s Locker Combination

It may seem like a bunch of random numbers to anyone else, but Aiden’s locker combination depicts the date and time I met my boyfriend for our first date. Many other times and numbers featured in the novel also correspond to special dates in our relationship. I chose to include this, as Josh is a sassmaster, quite like Aiden.

Egg 6: Chill Out

Chill Out, the name for In School Suspension (ISS) in Speak Your Mind is the same name my high school used, except we didn’t have a penguin poster guarding the door into that dark lair. 😉

Egg 7: The Picketts

Anyone notice that Jessa, Victoria’s cousin, shares the same last name as Carter from Can’t Beat the Heart of a Carolina Girl? That’s because they are cousins! Carter is the oldest, followed by Jessa’s brother, Ethan, and then Jessa. Ethan and Jessa will be featured again once my WIP, On the Flip Side is released.

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Did you catch any of these Easter eggs while reading Speak Your Mind? What is your favorite Easter egg that you’ve discovered in a book or movie? Let me know in the comments! 😀

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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