Book Review: In Between by Jenny B. Jones

Last year, I read and fell in love with the first two installments of Jones’s Katie Parker Productions series, but neglected to write reviews. To make up for it, every Friday this month, I’ll be reviewing all four books in the series, starting today with book one, In Between.


What I Liked:

Katie’s Character Arc

Katie’s transformation from a lost, trouble making foster kid to someone who is curious about God is not only heartwarming, but 100% relatable. Jones does not instantly make life easy for Katie once she decides to listen to the sermons at church, and proactively teaches Katie faith and reliance on God through the scenarios she encounters.

The Characters

The stand-out feature that demanded I finish this series are the amazing characters. Katie, the Scotts, Frances, Maxine, Sam… everyone just has their own unique voice and seems like real people I would love to meet. Especially…


Good gracious, this old lady is 100% why I’m stoked about reading the entire series. Katie’s foster grandma is crazy, hilarious, and makes me laugh out loud every time she is featured. After reading this installment and On The Loose twice, Maxine has become one of my favorite book characters of all time. I wish she had her own series!

Faith Content

The author does an exceptional job of providing faith content without being overly preachy. The Christian messages are biblically sound and helpful, especially to Christians new to the faith.

If you’re a fan of realistic Christian YA that covers tough topics with grace, I highly recommend the Katie Parker Productions series.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

In Between is currently listed as permafree for Kindle on Amazon.

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