Book Review: On the Loose by Jenny B. Jones

Last year, I read and fell in love with the first two installments of Jones’s Katie Parker Productions series, but neglected to write reviews. To make up for it, every Friday this month, I’ll be reviewing all four books in the series. This week, I’ll be reviewing book two, On the Loose.


What I Loved:

Katie’s Struggle with God

Though Katie has grown interested in learning about God in the first book, in this installment her doubt resurfaces, as every aspect of her life begins to crumble around her. Katie’s struggle to trust God is portrayed in a believable way, but is not outright disrespectful towards God. The author did a great job writing this aspect.

Frances’s Crush

A major highlight of this book is Frances’s total awkwardness around her crush, Nash. Ever time she tried to talk to him warranted a hilarious outcome, and yet at the same time I could relate to her, as I used to be about that nervous around guys I liked. XD

Maxine’s Antics

Yes, Katie’s foster grandma is back in action in this installment, full of more crazy antics that will make readers laugh out loud. I love how she and Katie develop an almost sister-like relationship in this installment, despite their vast age difference.

Tackling Tough Issues with Faith

A major reason why I admire this author is that she’s skilled at tackling tough subjects like tornado devastation, cancer, foster care, drug addictions, etc. with grace and always points readers back to God as a means of healing from these situations. Her books are never preachy, though the points are Biblically sound. The overall faith message in On the Loose is one I won’t soon forget.

Katie’s Romance

I loved how the author accurately portrays high school dating. Jones shows that teens can date, have boundaries, etc. without going all the way or avoiding physical contact (hand holding, kissing) altogether. We need more examples of this in Christian YA for Christian readers who attend public school who face worldly dating.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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