WIP Update: The Dream (Update #3)

So, y’all…

If you read my last WIP update, you know that my writing productivity in May started poorly. As in I didn’t write a single word at the time of the post (May 15th).

But, did my productivity return? Let’s find out!

Check out Updates 1 and 2 for The Dream if you haven’t already:

May 2020 (cont.)

I in fact did end up writing a couple days (literally two) in May despite my self-imposed writing break. On May 8th, I had oral surgery to remove my top two wisdom teeth, so I wasn’t feeling very writey for the week after. I also did a Microsoft Word read-aloud edit session for The Crush, the last self-edit round before I sent it to my editor this week. The remainder of the month, well, I just wanted a break.

My fellow writers, sometimes you just need a break. Don’t hesitate to take one. As I learned in Sarra Cannon’s Publish and Thrive course, we need to fill our creative wells from time to time. Take time off as you need it and partake in non-writing things you love. Trust me, it helps a ton!

May’s Word Count: +1,016 words | Total for WIP: 18,172

June 2020

Now, my friends, it’s time to get back in business. *fist pumps*

I’m under no impression that I’ll write every single day I’ve set aside for writing this month, but I’m going to try my best to get back on track, or at least a few steps ahead.

On June 1st, I wrote five notebook pages worth (estimated 1,250 words), so I felt like I was finally getting my groove back. I also finished up the chapter that was giving me a fit to get through and resolved to open that chapter up to intense editing once that phase rolls around. It doesn’t have to be perfect now, it just needs to get written. 😛

At this point in the story, the main character, Emery, and her love interest (to be unnamed because of spoilers for The Crush), are having a feud, so hopefully the silent period and their reunion will be fun to write! I feel like such a terrible character momma at the moment. 😛

The first couple weeks of June, though I have missed a few days of writing, have reignited my hope that I could potentially finish The Dream by year end if things keep going well. I’ve been able to write an estimated 3,750 words so far as of June 10th, so if all goes well, I’ll surpass the 5k mark and maybe reach 10k again after all! 🙂

Talk to Me, Arrowheads!

If you’re a fellow writer, share your journey on your current work in progress! If you’re a reader and are excited for The Crush, comment below and let me know if you’d like to be an ARC reader! The official sign-up form hasn’t been posted yet, but I aim to do so a month or two before the book’s release in October!

Be sure to add The Crush to your To-Read list on Goodreads!

Aim high, stay strong, and always hit your mark.

-Allyson 😀

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