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Thank you for joining me for the tenth installment of Authoring Arrowheads’s 2020 Author Interview series. For October, I’ll be interviewing a fellow YA romance author, Sarah Sutton. Sarah is the author of What Are Friends For?, Out of My League, and the newly released Halloween-themed If the Broom Fits.

On the last Wednesday of each month in 2020, I will be hosting an author for an interview! These authors will range from indie friends I’ve made online to authors in my local area. Be sure to subscribe to never miss an interview!

Meet Sarah Sutton

Sarah Sutton is a YA Romance author from a tiny town in Michigan. She spends her days writing stories about teens falling in love with her two adorable puppies by her side being cheerleaders (and major distractions).

You can connect with her at and on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Join her newsletter to stay up to date on new releases and more book news!

Interview with Sarah Sutton author of If the Broom Fits

Q1: When did you first realize you love writing?

I think it was in the first grade. We were reading The Gingerbread Man at school, and I remember that I was so upset when the story was over. I checked the book out of our library and took it home to continue on the story! That was when I fell in love with kind of carrying a story on and seeing what other adventures the characters could experience!

Q2: What inspired you to write What Are Friends For?

I’ve always been in love with the “friends falling in love” trope, especially when it’s where one of the friends sees the other in a whole new light and fights those feelings. I’ve read books similar, but I really wanted to try my own hand at this trope. I had the characters already in mind, and just fit the story to them!

Q3: What writing project(s) are you currently working on?

I’m working on a new YA Romance right now with a secret title, and that’s going to be released in January. I’ve got another one in mind to write, but I’m taking a bit of time off before jumping into that one. I want to make sure I’m in the right mindset beforehand!

Q4: Which authors (inside or outside your genre) have inspired your writing?

I have always admired Kasie West’s level of writing, and I remember I loved seeing all of her books on my shelf. She’s got a lot of them! It was inspiring to me, because I could almost see myself in her shoes–an author with a lot of books on a shelf. Seeing all of her titles together inspired me to get my butt into gear when it came to writing!

Q5: What are your go-to writing snacks?

Anything that doesn’t get my fingers dirty–which is mostly chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate drops are soooooo good as well as the Dove Caramels. Those are my favorites! I need to be able to pop the snacks into my mouth and continue writing, no napkin necessary.

Q6: What is your favorite part about traditional publishing? What is your least favorite part?

Favorite would definitely be the hands-on process of it. I’m such a control freak with things, and I like seeing the numbers in real-time. I think there’s something to say about building something from the ground up yourself, too. Watching this little business grow. I’m such a fan of the marketing that I love that aspect, though I know some indies don’t love that as much. My least favorite part would be…hmm… It’s easy to second-guess myself, because sometimes it feels like I’m on my own. Like, sure, I think the book is good, but is it? Who can back me up? Who can agree with me? With traditional publishing, authors have a crew of people telling you the book is good. That’s why the companies pick up those authors in the first place. With indie publishing, we have your beta readers (which, for me, is a must), but most of the time, those are the people who are reading the book when it’s still rough, and will have critiques. It would be nice for someone to be by my side through it all, like an agent or publisher, to keep me motivated and say “you’re on the right track, dear. Just keep going.”

Q7: What advice would you like to share with first-time writers?

Don’t give up. Writing for the first time can be scary, and sometimes you may not feel like you’re writing the story you want to write well enough, but don’t stop. That first draft is so important to get those ideas out there. The beauty, the prettiness of what you want comes later. It comes during edits, critiques. Don’t give up on your first draft, or you’ll never get to the beautifying phase. No matter what, keep going!

Thanks for stopping by, Sarah!

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If the Broom Fits!

Halloween really is the worst.

Blaire’s got to be the only person on the planet who hates Halloween. At least the only person in her small town, which practically worships the holiday. Ugh. And it doesn’t help that her super-hot ex-boyfriend, Lucas, is determined to convince her otherwise by making her take part in “festive activities.” Apparently carving pumpkins and watching scary movies is going to magically change her mind about the holiday? Yeah, right.

But Blaire has never told anyone the truth of why she hates Halloween or the truth about why she broke up with Lucas. She’s definitely never told anyone about how much she second-guesses that decision. Being around him is so much harder than she thought, especially when it looks like he’s starting to move on. 

And when she gets a letter in the mail from someone who broke her heart, can Blaire overcome the negativity drowning her? Or will her bitterness and secrets push everyone she loves away?

With scary movies and pumpkin spice, If the Broom Fits is a sweet and heartfelt autumn romance that will put you in the spirit of Halloween.

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Have you read any of Sarah’s books? I read If the Broom Fits earlier this month and loved it! Can’t wait to see what her secret project for January is!

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